AnalysisAugust 9, 2007

How Did The Media React to Bonds’ Blast?

San Francisco Giant slugger Barry Bonds became baseball’s all-time home run king on Aug 7. But allegations of steroid use have triggered a fierce debate in the sports world over the meaning and validity of his record. A PEJ evaluation of the coverage in more than 40 newspapers sheds some light on the sportswriters’ response to Bonds’ feat.

AnalysisAugust 1, 2007

Publisher Murdoch’s U.S. Track Record

With the drawn-out approval of Rupert Murdoch's bid for the Wall Street Journal finally in, attention turns to what he will make of the paper. Starting back in the early 70’s the global media magnate began investing in a series of American newspapers. How did those publications do? Here’s a scorecard.

AnalysisJuly 18, 2007

Is The Fairness Doctrine Fair Game?

It’s been off the books since the FCC repealed it two decades ago. But an old rule regulating content on the airwaves has suddenly become a topic on Capitol Hill and on the talk radio circuit. Is the Fairness Doctrine really headed for a comeback?

AnalysisMay 11, 2007

The Military’s Iraq Channel on You Tube

Looking for a way to get out its message in Iraq, the U.S. Multi-National Force Iraq has turned to You Tube and has found some success with users who have made the site one of this month’s most popular. The site aims to use footage shot by military personnel to give a fuller picture of Iraq, a spokesman says. PEJ examines the effort.

AnalysisApril 9, 2007

A Veteran Newspaper Watcher Worries and Wonders

For more than three decades, John Morton kept a close eye on America’s daily publishing business. Now shutting down his popular newsletter and heading into semi-retirement, one of the most influential experts in the field offers a prognosis and prescription for an industry in trouble.

AnalysisDecember 20, 2006

From Charles Lindbergh to … You

Some critics have assailed Time magazine’s choice for 2006 Person of the Year in recent days, calling the editors’ selection of “You” with a mirror on the cover gimmicky. But this wasn’t the first unconventional choice for Time’s honor – or the first time a group of people was selected. PEJ takes stock of Time’s past Persons of the Year from 1927 on.

AnalysisNovember 6, 2006

Can the Exit Polls be Fixed?

Problems with exit polls affected the last three election cycles and wreaked havoc with media coverage of the 2000 and 2004 presidential balloting. With the crucial 2006 midterm election upon us, exit pollsters hope they’ve resolved those troubling issues. What is the status of the poll?