March 13, 2007

Median Age of Morning News Viewers

Median Age 2002 Median Age 2004 Median Age 2005 Median Age 2006
ABC World News Tonight 59.5 59.7 59.1 60.2
CBS Evening News 61.2 59.9 60.8 60
NBC Nightly News 60.3 60.1 59.9 60.4

In previous years, the network morning shows, in their bid for ad-worthy viewers, had been more successful than their evening news counterparts at driving down the average age of their audiences. In 2006, however, the median age actually climbed a year, to 54. According to data from Magna Global USA, NBC’s Today still enjoyed the youngest audience at 53.2, while ABC had the oldest, 54.7. CBS’s Early Show, meanwhile, got a bit older in 2006, at just under 53.7.