Pew Research CenterNovember 8, 2018

Man arrested for “terroristic” death threats against CNN’s Don Lemon

CBS News

Pew Research CenterAugust 1, 2018

Trump’s tariffs are hurting the already struggling newspaper industry

CBS News

Pew Research CenterJune 18, 2018

DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen denies family separation policy exists, blames media

CBS News

Pew Research CenterMay 4, 2018

Trump booked himself for his first TV interview in months

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Pew Research CenterApril 26, 2018

Pro-Trump social media stars Diamond and Silk testify under oath

CBS News

Pew Research CenterFebruary 5, 2018

Hugh Grant settles phone-hacking lawsuit against the Mirror

CBS News

Pew Research CenterNovember 27, 2017

Fake Roy Moore accuser approached Washington Post in sting operation

CBS News

Pew Research CenterOctober 22, 2017

Protesters honor Maltese journalist killed by car bomb

CBS News, AP

Pew Research CenterAugust 9, 2017

“Nuclear war” dominates social media amid North Korean tensions

CBS News

Pew Research CenterMay 13, 2017

Final decision on press briefings will be in the next few weeks, Trump says

CBS News