Pew Research CenterMarch 20, 2019

Slovakia’s first investigative journalism centre honours legacy of murdered reporter

Pew Research CenterJanuary 29, 2019

The Bristol Cable releases an interactive series about UK mafia boss ‘The Cornerman’

Pew Research CenterJanuary 8, 2019

Quartz AI Studio launches an open-source platform to help journalists use machine learning

Pew Research CenterDecember 17, 2018

NYT launches campaign to educate audiences about paying for quality journalism

Pew Research CenterSeptember 28, 2018

‘I never want to be this dependent on one platform’: Can your publication survive without Facebook?

Pew Research CenterSeptember 14, 2018

NYT uses data visualisation to bring climate change home. Literally.

Pew Research CenterSeptember 5, 2018

German non-profit CORRECTIV to replicate the successful investigative journalism model used by the Bureau Local

Pew Research CenterAugust 16, 2018

Mic uses ‘selfie-style’ video to engage audiences on Snapchat Discover

Pew Research CenterJuly 31, 2018

New app News With Friends encourages users to share stories from outside their filter bubble

Pew Research CenterJune 22, 2018

Data sharing is caring: BBC boosts local news output through its Shared Data Unit