Pew Research CenterDecember 6, 2020

View: In 2020, disinformation broke us

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A Nigerian man is actually behind that pro-Pete Buttigieg twitter account


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People are spreading false and unverified information about Iran’s missile attack on US bases in Iraq. Don’t be fooled.


Pew Research CenterJanuary 6, 2020

Disinformation for hire: How a new breed of PR firms is selling lies online


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Hundreds of propaganda accounts targeting Iran and Qatar have been removed from Facebook


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This public relations firm has been secretly placing articles in conservative publications


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How Facebook groups are being exploited to spread misinformation, plan harassment, and radicalize people


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Big publishers are abandoning Instant Articles but fake news spammers are all in


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InfoWars has republished more than 1,000 articles from RT without permission