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Pew Research CenterApril 3, 2020

OAN reporter attends White House briefing despite press corps ban

Pew Research CenterApril 2, 2020

One America News excluded from White House briefing rotation

Pew Research CenterApril 1, 2020

McClatchy reinstates paywall around some COVID-19 news

Pew Research CenterMarch 31, 2020

Gannett to furlough journalists

Pew Research CenterMarch 30, 2020

Online news sites face ad blocks on coronavirus content

Pew Research CenterMarch 27, 2020

Flipboard expands local news coverage

Pew Research CenterMarch 26, 2020

BuzzFeed moves to reduce staff pay amid COVID-19 outbreak

Pew Research CenterMarch 25, 2020

3 U.S. newspapers urge China to reverse journalist expulsion

Pew Research CenterMarch 24, 2020

Member of White House press corp suspected of having COVID-19

Pew Research CenterMarch 23, 2020

NBC News staffer dies of coronavirus