June 6, 2018

Digital-native newsroom employment

Year Newsroom employees
2008 7,400
2009 8,090
2010 8,090
2011 9,520
2012 10,750
2013 11,250
2014 11,180
2015 11,710
2016 12,830
2017 13,260

Note: The OES survey is designed to produce estimates by combining data collected over a three-year period. Newsroom employees include news analysts, reporters and correspondents; editors; photographers; and television, video and motion picture camera operators and editors. These data are based on the “other information services” industry code, whose largest component is “internet publishing and broadcasting and web search portals.” See methodology for more details.
Source: Pew Research Center analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Statistics.

Pew Research Center