PublicationsDecember 21, 2010

A New Year of the Women?

Christine O’Donnell, Shirley Sherrod, and Elena Kagan jumped from near obscurity to household names in 2010. What other famous females were there this past year? The Project for Excellence in Journalism looks back at all the top ten women newsmakers of 2010.

PublicationsDecember 8, 2010

Government Officials Ensnared in Scandal

Recently censured Congressman Charles Rangel may have been the latest politician to generate headlines about corruption, infidelity or various misdeeds. But in terms of media attention, his ethics case was somewhat down the list of top scandal stories. A PEJ analysis reveals which other officials made that roster

PublicationsDecember 1, 2010

MSM on the TSA

Airport security generated a significant amount of attention as travel ramped up this November—much of it focused on the full body scans and new pat down procedures. But with a few exceptions, air travel safety procedures have not generated much coverage in the past few years. When else has the TSA made news?

PublicationsNovember 24, 2010

Bloggers Weigh in on Koppel’s Cable Critique

In a week in which the blogosphere also reacted to a number of Beltway-based stories, the top subject was one mainstream media stalwart’s assessment of the current state of the news industry. How much and what kind of a response did Ted Koppel’s recent column generate? 

PublicationsNovember 18, 2010

Battle of the Bush Books

George W. Bush recently made headlines thanks to the release of his memoir, Decision Points, and the accompanying media tour. But several other books about his administration have drawn even more media attention. How does the coverage of Decision Points stack up with other book releases that made significant news in the past few years?

PublicationsNovember 11, 2010

Media Coverage of U.S. Terror Plots

The recently uncovered Yemen- based attempt to launch an attack aimed at the U.S. homeland made its share of headlines in recent weeks. But in terms of coverage, it still ranks well below some other terror episodes in the past three years. PEJ looks at which of these stories have generated the most attention in the mainstream media. 

PublicationsNovember 2, 2010

The Midterms’ Media Mainstays

Whether the 2010 congressional elections prove to be a referendum on him or not, Barack Obama has been the top newsmaker in this election cycle. But a PEJ look at the other top politicians reveals a strong showing by tea party candidates and a fascination with a heated gubernatorial fight.

PublicationsOctober 27, 2010

When the Press Covers the Press

NPR’s controversial firing of analyst Juan Williams became a media boomlet last week generating commentary from many quarters. How big a story was it compared with other media stories that have made big news in recent years? PEJ looks at the list of top newsmakers from the news industry since January 2007.

PublicationsOctober 6, 2010

Tech Topics in the News

When technology generates headlines in the mainstream press—and it’s not all that often—what storylines drive that coverage? A recent PEJ report examined a year’s worth of tech stories and found a mix of domestic and global events at the top of the list. And some of them focused on the products of one high-tech powerhouse.

PublicationsSeptember 29, 2010

Gay Rights in the News

The unsuccessful effort last week to repeal the military’s ban against openly gay men and women put the subject of gay rights into the headlines. That doesn’t happen all that often, according to a PEJ examination of coverage in the past three years. But what subjects dominate when the debate over gay rights does generate substantial media attention?