PublicationsDecember 16, 2009

When Off-the-Field Exploits Make Major News

Tiger Woods’ problems have consumed the tabloid press and some of the mainstream media since a series of reported affairs came to light after his November 27 car accident. But even with all that attention, the Woods episode is not the biggest newsmaking sports scandal of the past few years. Which other athletes have found themselves in the headlines for the wrong reasons?

PublicationsDecember 9, 2009

Global Warming Generates Little Heat in the Media

Global warming and environmental issues generated significant media attention last week, thanks to leaked emails from a top climate research facility and the start of the Copenhagen meeting on climate change. But a PEJ examination of media coverage finds that the subject is not often a major newsmaker.

PublicationsDecember 2, 2009

Palin in the Public Eye

The publicity surrounding the release of Sarah Palin’s new book “Going Rogue” generated major coverage for the former Alaska governor. Since she emerged as a 2008 vice-presidential candidate, Palin has displayed a remarkable knack for generating headlines. What events in 2009 have thrust her into the media spotlight?

PublicationsNovember 18, 2009

The Dobbs Difference

Recently departed CNN host Lou Dobbs may have left that job because his more opinionated style clashed with the network’s down-the-middle political brand. But a PEJ examination of the content of his show in 2009 also suggests that Dobbs clearly distinguished himself from his colleagues when it came to news priorities.

PublicationsNovember 10, 2009

The Fort Hood Tragedy – When Crime Makes News

It’s not often that a crime tops the news agenda, but in a week that included major developments affecting Afghanistan, the economy and health care, the Fort Hood rampage was the No. 1 story. What other violent criminal acts have generated major headlines and where does last week’s tragedy rank among them?  

PublicationsNovember 4, 2009

A Bull Market for Overseas News

In an era when foreign coverage in general has been decreasing, a number of overseas hotspots have generated substantially more attention this year than they did in 2008—with the exception of one war-torn nation. Which international stories are the most prominent in the news agenda in 2009? And why are they making headlines this year?

PublicationsOctober 29, 2009

The War in Afghanistan as a Washington Story

The conflict in Afghanistan was among the top stories last week when President Hamid Karzai agreed to an election runoff against opponent Abdullah Abdullah. But as media attention to the war has spiked in recent months, events in Afghanistan have taken a back seat to deliberations inside the United States.

PublicationsOctober 21, 2009

Foreign Leaders in U.S. Headlines

The contested status of Afghanistan’s presidential election has focused media attention on Afghan President Hamid Karzai in recent days. But when it comes to foreign leaders in the news this year, his coverage lags behind two prominent Mideast heads of state. Which other overseas officials have made significant news in 2009?

PublicationsOctober 15, 2009

Swine Flu in the Spotlight

The H1N1 virus, or the swine flu as it is widely known, was back in the news last week as the first doses of the vaccine were made available to the public. How has the level of coverage of the flu pandemic compared to media attention to other serious diseases in 2009?

PublicationsOctober 7, 2009

When Mother Nature Becomes a Story

Three overseas natural disasters showed up in the U.S. news agenda last week, with two of them making the roster of top 10 stories.  Which other destructive storms and natural catastrophes have registered as major newsmakers in 2009?