PublicationsMay 24, 2010

Gushing Oil and Voter Anger Top the News

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill, a fixture in the headlines for over a month, narrowly edged some attention-grabbing election results as the top story last week. The legislative effort to regulate Wall Street drove economic coverage and two international stories rounded out the roster of top subjects.

PublicationsMay 17, 2010

The Oil Spill Tops the Kagan Nomination

The environmental disaster in the Gulf continued its month-long run among the roster of top stories last week as the narrative focused on assigning blame for the spill. The newest Supreme Court nominee attracted detractors and supporters, but not as much coverage as her immediate predecessor.

PublicationsMay 10, 2010

A Failed Terror Attack Tops a Grim Week of News

The media scrambled last week as authorities arrested a suspect in the Times Square terror case, the Gulf oil spill grew more ominous, Wall Street went briefly into free fall and floods took a deadly toll in Tennessee. All of which left little room for coverage of a crucial overseas election.

PublicationsMay 3, 2010

The Goldman Sachs Grilling Drives Economic Coverage

With Congress putting one of Wall Street’s big-name firms on the hot seat, the economy topped the news agenda last week. Increasingly grim news about the Gulf Coast oil spill and the polarizing debate over Arizona’s immigration law also attracted significant coverage. Meanwhile, a prominent GOP defector drove coverage of the mid-term elections.

PublicationsApril 26, 2010

Economic News Hits a 13-Month High

The debate over how to reform Wall Street—and the role one of its most prominent firms played in the economic catastrophe—pushed the economy back to the top of the news agenda last week. Meanwhile, the return of global air travel after the Icelandic volcano and a disaster in the Gulf of Mexico helped fill out the roster of top stories.

PublicationsApril 19, 2010

Wall Street, Nukes and a Volcano Top the News

The U.S. economy topped the news agenda in a week that included a major summit in Washington D.C. an eruption that wreaked havoc with global travel and a series of Tea Party protests. Meanwhile, coverage of the once raging health care issue has tapered off dramatically since the legislation was signed into law.

PublicationsApril 12, 2010

Mine Accident Captivates Media

A tragic mine explosion in West Virginia led the news last week, with about twice the amount of coverage given to the next biggest story: the still-ailing U.S. economy.

PublicationsApril 5, 2010

Jobs, Health Care and Militia Top Varied News Week

Amid good news on jobs, storms in the Northeast and the arrest of a radical Christian militia, the news agenda was more unusually diverse last week with eight different stories gaining substantial attention.

PublicationsMarch 30, 2010

Health Care Reform Sweeps Capital and the Media

Health care reform received its highest level of media coverage last week than at any time since the legislative battle began. That made it the 18th biggest story in any week since PEJ began its real time monitoring of the national media. And most of that coverage focused on the political impact of the law.

PublicationsMarch 22, 2010

Health Care Generates its Biggest Week of Coverage

After a year of passionate debate, health-care reform dominated the news agenda  last week leading up to a key vote by the House of Representatives, with the media focused on head counts, horse trading and the political calculus for legislators. No other story came close, but the economy once again finished as runner up.