PublicationsAugust 2, 2010

Afghanistan Tops the News

Coverage of the conflict in Afghanistan got a big boost last week after the WikiLeaks organization unearthed classified reports casting doubts on the prospects for U.S. success there. But in a balanced news week, a key ruling in the Arizona immigration battle, the departure of an embattled BP CEO and a sluggish economy shared the media’s attention.

PublicationsJuly 26, 2010

Old and New Media Both Make News, but Economy Tops the Agenda

In a week in which economic news nearly hit a three-month high, cable talk shows were dominated by the resignation of a federal employee whose comments on race were taken out of context by a conservative website. Meanwhile, in the Gulf of Mexico, the debate was about the merits of plugging the BP oil well with a “topkill” or a “bottom kill.” 

PublicationsJuly 19, 2010

With New Hope for Containment, the Gulf Spill Leads

After several weeks of decreasing coverage, the Gulf oil saga spiked upward last week amid news of possible success in stopping the flow. Coverage of a bill to regulate the financial sector, infighting among Democrats, violence and progress in Afghanistan and the death of a baseball mogul rounded out the roster of top stories.

PublicationsJuly 12, 2010

Oil Leads Again as Stocks, Spies and Politics Contend for Coverage

The environmental disaster in the Gulf continued to draw media attention last week, though far below the levels it once commanded. Coverage of the politics surrounding the mid-term elections edged out a mixed bag of economic news for the No. 2 slot. And an NBA superstar proved to be one of the week’s biggest newsmakers.

PublicationsJuly 6, 2010

The Spill Leads the News in a Balanced Week

Coverage of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico edged out gloomy economic news and the mostly routine Elena Kagan confirmation hearings last week. But even as it regained the top spot after a one-week hiatus, there is evidence of diminishing media interest in the BP spill saga.

PublicationsJune 28, 2010

Afghan War Tops the News, Edging out Oil Spill

Obama’s replacement of General McChrystal as the head of NATO forces in Afghanistan generated voluminous political analysis last week. Coverage of the war approached a level not seen since late last year. Meanwhile, the Gulf oil spill continued to attract headlines, as did Wall Street reform. 

PublicationsJune 21, 2010

The Gulf Disaster Becomes a Beltway Story

Damage control in Washington overtook damage control in the Gulf of Mexico as the BP oil spill generated its biggest week of media coverage since the April 20 rig explosion that triggered the disaster. The narrative was driven, in large part, by a president who spoke to the nation and an oil executive who took a pounding from Congress.

PublicationsJune 14, 2010

Blame Game Intensifies in the Gulf Oil Saga

In a week when voters went to the polls in 12 states and worries about the federal budget deficit grew, it was the spill of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico that really captured the media’s attention—again. For the third week in a row, the growing disaster accounted for at least one-third of the newshole as finger-pointing became a larger aspect of the coverage.

PublicationsJune 8, 2010

Gulf Disaster Again Dominates the News

With the oil still gushing, BP making new efforts to stanch the spill and the Obama Administration taking a more aggressive line toward the energy company, the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico accounted for a third of last week’s news coverage. No other story came close although a deadly encounter on a boat headed for the Gaza Strip finished as the No. 2 subject.

PublicationsJune 1, 2010

Oil Spill Coverage Engulfs the Media

The oil spill that won’t stop gushing became the story that won’t stop growing as the Gulf disaster coverage, fueled by a Presidential admission and a failed effort to cap the leak, reached new heights last week. No other subject—including a political controversy, a skittish stock market, the immigration issue or tensions in the Korean peninsula—came close to matching the spill’s coverage.