PublicationsDecember 28, 2009

Health Care Coverage Dominates the News

The Project for Excellence in Journalism did not issue a News Index report this week, but the data is available.

PublicationsDecember 22, 2009

Health Care Leads the Week, But Economy and Climate Stay Strong

Due to inclement weather, the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism is not publishing a full Weekly News Index report for December 14 – 20. PEJ is, however, making the data available.  

PublicationsDecember 14, 2009

Economy and Health Lead but Climate Change Gains Attention

The economy and health care continued to lead the news last week as they have so often in recent months. But global warming, thanks in part to a controversy over emails, received a record level of coverage.

PublicationsDecember 7, 2009

Afghanistan Dominates While Two Scandals Fascinate

The President’s long-awaited decision on how to wage war in Afghanistan was the No. 1 story last week, surpassing coverage of the two big domestic issues—the economy and health care. But a scandal-scorched athlete and some White House party crashers found their way into the top stories as well.

PublicationsNovember 30, 2009

Economic News Eclipses Afghanistan and Health Care

The Project for Excellence in Journalism did not issue a News Index report this week, but the data is available.

PublicationsNovember 23, 2009

Public Policy (and Palin) Drive the Week’s News

A Senate health care bill, new jobless numbers, a recommendation on breast cancer screening, and a presidential visit to China made the roster of top stories in a crowded news week. But perhaps no subject stirred as much media sturm and drang as Sarah Palin’s high-profile book tour.

PublicationsNovember 16, 2009

Fort Hood Fallout Leads the News Again

Coverage of the Army base massacre continued to dominate headlines as some of last week’s coverage examined whether Nidal Malik Hasan should have been stopped before his November 5 attack. And by week’s end, the plan to bring alleged 9/11 conspirators to trial in New York was dominating the headlines.

PublicationsNovember 9, 2009

The Army Base Massacre Dominates the Week

The U.S. unemployment rate jumped, the Afghan runoff election was cancelled and the House of Representatives passed a health care bill last week. But those stories all took a back seat to coverage of the killing spree at Fort Hood Texas, which quickly became a story about Islam and possibly, terrorism.

PublicationsNovember 2, 2009

The Big Three—Health Care, War and the Economy—Dominate Again

Coverage of health care was up last week, the economy was down and the war in Afghanistan remained about the same. But together, this trio continued their run atop the news agenda, a pattern we began to see settle in earlier this fall.

PublicationsOctober 26, 2009

Buzz over Bonuses Drives Coverage of Economy

The economic crisis topped the news agenda last week as Wall Street pay packages triggered anger and action in Washington. Agreement on a runoff election also generated a spike in Afghanistan coverage, and hostilities between the White House and Fox News made the roster of top stories.