PublicationsMay 14, 2007

GOP Worries About Iraq Fuel War Policy Coverage

It was a week of fires, storms and floods in the U.S. and a changing of the guard in some of this nation’s closest European allies. But even so, the news was dominated by a new twist on an old story. This time, part of the raging debate over what to do in Iraq was an intramural affair between Republicans.

PublicationsMay 7, 2007

Iraq War, with Subplots, Dominates the News

A GOP debate, a Royal visit, Murdoch’s media move, and a Washington sex scandal all generated their fair share of news coverage last week. But it’s still the battle over Baghdad—with a cast of players that last week included George Tenet and Condoleezza Rice—that captured most of the media’s attention and energy.

PublicationsApril 30, 2007

Iraq Policy and Presidential Politics Top the News

With the Virginia Tech shootings and Don Imus controversy beginning to fade into the news background, a couple of very familiar subjects commanded the most media attention last week. And Arizona Senator John McCain managed to find himself in the middle of both stories.

PublicationsApril 23, 2007

Campus Rampage is 2007’s Biggest Story By Far

The Attorney General faced a grilling from Congress, the Supreme Court weighed in on abortion rights, hundreds were slaughtered in a single day in Iraq, and a vicious storm wreaked havoc on the East Coast. But each of those events last week was completely overshadowed by the media’s non-stop coverage of the horrific events that unfolded on the campus of Virginia Tech.

PublicationsApril 16, 2007

Imus Second Biggest Story of 2007 So Far

In a week that marked the fourth anniversary of the fall of Saddam Hussein and the end of the Duke lacrosse scandal, the remarks of a cable and radio talk show host dominated the news media. The fall of Don Imus had just the mix of ingredients that tend to seize the media imagination.

PublicationsApril 9, 2007

The Media Primary Keeps Rolling

The now-resolved hostage crisis with Iran attracted the most media coverage last week while the investigation into the fired U.S. attorneys went on temporary hiatus. But even with the voting 19 months away, the 2008 race for the White House continues to fascinate the press, the second story only behind the debate over the war in Iraq.

PublicationsApril 2, 2007

British Hostages Drive the Top U.S. Story

U.S. tensions with Teheran have been bubbling for some time now, but it took a conflict with another country to put Iran atop the media map. In the same week, the news didn’t get any better for Attorney Gonzales and the Iraq debate was marked by a crucial Senate vote.

PublicationsMarch 26, 2007

The Scent of Scandal Makes Gonzales the Big Story

It took some time to develop, but the growing controversy over the firing of a group of U.S. Attorneys is dominating the media’s attention these days and turning the episode into one of the biggest stories of the year. The big question that remains is how much the general public cares.

PublicationsMarch 19, 2007

Probe of Fired U.S. Attorneys Dominates News

There was much fanfare when the new Democratic-led Congress was sworn in this past January claiming it had an electoral mandate for change. Since then, the new House and Senate Democrats have had trouble making laws or influencing Iraq policy. But as an examination of the coverage indicates, they’ve been quite successful in generating news.

PublicationsMarch 12, 2007

The Libby Verdict, And Its Fallout, Lead the News

The battle in Iraq is still dominating the nation’s news coverage, but in different ways than it used to. While media attention on the political debate over troop strength has waned, a high-profile criminal trial and a riveting newspaper investigation have focused attention on different aspects of the controversial war.