PublicationsJuly 23, 2007

Senate Slumber Party Wakes Up News Media

Whether silly political stagecraft or a sly legislative tactic, the Senate’s all-nighter helped make the Iraq policy debate the biggest news story of the week. At the same time, there were also ominous warnings on the terror front. And YouTube inserted itself smack into the middle of the 2008 campaign coverage.

PublicationsJuly 16, 2007

War Debate Returns with a Vengeance

After dominating news coverage for the first three months of the year, the disagreement over U.S. strategy in Iraq took a back seat in recent weeks to such topics as the presidential campaign and the battle over immigration. But what happened last week in Washington re-ignited old passions and re-engaged the press.

PublicationsJuly 9, 2007

The “Doctors’ Plot” is Number One

President Bush triggered a major political brouhaha when he commuted the sentence of Lewis “Scooter” Libby. And the campaign fundraising numbers brought good and bad tidings to various presidential contenders. But a surprising twist in the U.K. terror saga dominated the media agenda last week.

PublicationsJuly 2, 2007

Immigration is Top Story, but Terror Takes Over

With the apparent demise of the immigration reform bill, a major Supreme Court decision on race, and a few natural disasters, last week was jammed with big news events. But nothing got the media’s attention like a couple of suspicious cars parked in London.

PublicationsJune 25, 2007

The Bloomberg Boomlet Drives 2008 Campaign Coverage

Was it a tease, a trial balloon, or a trivial matter? New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s decision to shed his GOP label sure had the media buzzing last week. And while dramatic events inside Iraq generated substantial coverage, the policy debate over the war has slipped onto the press back burner in recent weeks.

PublicationsJune 18, 2007

New Twist in Immigration Fight is Big News

It took Presidential intervention, but the changing fortunes of the controversial immigration reform legislation was the leading story last week. Still, U.S. domestic politics were almost overshadowed violence in the Mideast. And why did the ending of a cable series make the nightly news?

PublicationsJune 11, 2007

Paris Has the Media Burning

The biggest stories last week were driven by Republican and Democratic presidential debates, the apparent defeat of the compromise immigration bill, and an increasing war of words between the United States and Russia. But the tale of one celebrity’s interrupted incarceration generated a lot of late-week coverage.

PublicationsJune 4, 2007

The Infamous ‘TB Traveler’ is the Top Story

There was a grim milestone for U.S. troops in Iraq and one potential GOP presidential hopeful moved closer to making it official. But the biggest news last week was an international medical mystery with more plot twists than a novel and potentially serious implications for the nation’s security in an era of daunting man-made and natural threats.

PublicationsMay 29, 2007

Media Give President A Win in War Funding Debate

From Capitol Hill to a refugee camp in Lebanon to ABC’s investigative team, the Mideast and the war on terror thoroughly dominated the media last week. Meanwhile, a controversy of sorts erupted over how news outlets treated the results of a new survey of Muslim-American attitudes.

PublicationsMay 21, 2007

Turmoil Inside Iraq Leads the Week’s News

It’s a rare week when the situation in Iraq attracts more coverage than the political debate over the war. But that’s what happened last week thanks to one dramatic story line. And when it comes to the 2008 Presidential race, the media are busy wondering whether 19 (the number of current candidates) are enough.