IndexesOctober 14, 2010

For Bloggers it’s the Two E’s — Election and Economy

With the 2010 midterm season upon us, bloggers of various political stripes last week focused intently on politics and the state of the U.S. economy. On Twitter, technology topics again led the way. And the most popular YouTube video was a phony satirical story about a young pop idol.

IndexesOctober 7, 2010

Bloggers React to a Religion Quiz

A survey concluding that non-believers know more about religion than believers sparked an intense and heartfelt conversation among bloggers last week. On Twitter, a disturbing discovery in a loaf of bread was the top story. And on YouTube, a Swiss politician with the giggles became an international video star.

IndexesSeptember 30, 2010

An Obama Quote Stokes the Blogosphere

Conservative bloggers last week expressed outrage over a passage from Bob Woodward’s new book. Tweeters were galvanized by a security flaw on Twitter. And YouTube viewers were interested in some provocative statements a GOP Senate candidate made on television more than a decade ago. 

IndexesSeptember 23, 2010

Advances in Social Networking Keep Twitter Atwitter

Technology topped the agenda on Twitter last week as the powerful tech troika of Twitter, Google and Facebook all generated attention. On blogs, the focus was divided between events relating to the Afghanistan war and the death of a veteran actor. And a YouTube-based host who creates his own brand of news was popular once again.

IndexesSeptember 16, 2010

Iraq and a Rug Galvanize the Blogosphere

Anti-war and anti-Obama bloggers weighed in last week over the costs of the Iraq conflict and a quotation on a new rug in the Oval Office. On Twitter, the New York Times publisher’s prediction about the future of print from drew attention. And a YouTube-based talk show proved very popular.

IndexesSeptember 9, 2010

Bloggers Fired up by Heated Political Debates

The blogosphere resembled one of those old CNN Crossfire shows last week as liberals and conservatives frequently faced off on such issues as federal assistance programs, charges of bigotry and opposition to President Obama.

IndexesSeptember 2, 2010

The Mosque Debate Continues to Galvanize the Blogosphere

The debate over the Islamic Center and mosque near Ground Zero in New York was a hotly contested issue for bloggers for the third week in a row as the focus turned to the motives of those opposing the construction. On Twitter, a new phone app feature from Google created a mostly positive buzz.

IndexesAugust 26, 2010

Islamic Issues Ignite the Blogosphere

The argument over the Park 51 Islamic center continued in the blogosphere last week, but this time, mosque supporters dominated. Bloggers also reacted to a poll that more Americans believe Barack Obama is a Muslim. On Twitter, an article declaring "The Web is dead" was No. 1. And on YouTube, an obscene gesture drove a popular video.

Net Neutrality and the Mosque Furor Lead the Blogosphere

Bloggers were sharply critical of Google last week, accusing the internet giant of shifting its position on a key online policy. Meanwhile, a column arguing against a mosque near the site of Ground Zero drew plaudits. On Twitter, a baseball mishap made the roster of top stories while the No. 1 YouTube video had Boy Scouts booing Barack Obama.

IndexesAugust 12, 2010

A Ruling on Same-sex Marriage Galvanizes Bloggers

A judge’s decision to overturn California’s ban on same-sex marriage became a reason to celebrate for many bloggers last week. Others rallied behind the website WikiLeaks, following its release of secret information about the war in Afghanistan. On Twitter, the decision by 40 wealthy Americans to donate money to charity drew the most attention. And on YouTube, an Alabama crime stopper became a web sensation.