IndexesOctober 27, 2011

Bloggers Back the Occupy Wall Street Protests

For the first time since the Occupy Wall Street protests began in September, the subject was among the most discussed on blogs.

IndexesOctober 20, 2011

Bloggers Cheer as Netflix Reverses Course

The Netflix decision to drop earlier plans to split its services was seen as a victory for the power of social media last week. The iPhone 4S continued to be a hot topic on both blogs and Twitter. And a bloody goring at a bullfight was the most popular YouTube video.

IndexesOctober 14, 2011

From the iPhone 4S to Steve Jobs’ Passing, Apple Dominates Social Media

Last week, many in social media were consumed by two major events, the unveiling of a feverishly anticipated Apple iPhone and the death of the genius and driving force behind that company, Steve Jobs. Meanwhile, a TV interview that spelled doom for one of TV’s signature theme songs was the most-viewed YouTube media.

IndexesOctober 6, 2011

iPhone Rumors Ignite the Social Media

The recently announced iPhone 4S triggered huge anticipation online last week, with many tech bloggers expecting an iPhone 5 instead. Changes to social networks Facebook and Google+ also fueled the online conversation. And the protests on Wall Street were among the top subjects on YouTube and Twitter.

IndexesSeptember 29, 2011

Social Media Discuss Tech Changes

In social media last week, it was new tech entrants versus familiar tech services—and both bloggers and Twitterers gave much better marks to the new entrants. The iPhone and Google+ received praise while changes to Facebook and Netflix were roundly criticized. And on YouTube, millions viewed a tragic crash at an air show.

IndexesSeptember 22, 2011

Social Media Users Remember and Debate 9/11

The 10-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon was a prominent topic on blogs, Twitter and YouTube last week. Bloggers and Tweeters also engaged in some serious speculation about the upcoming edition of the iPhone.

IndexesSeptember 15, 2011

A High-Profile High-Tech Firing Galvanizes Social Media

News about two major tech companies generated plenty of attention on both blogs and Twitter last week. One involved an abrupt changing of the guard at Yahoo and the other was an interesting addition to the Google portfolio. On YouTube, some strange animals were the top stories.

IndexesSeptember 8, 2011

Bloggers Debate Hurricane Hype

Did the media overplay Hurricane Irene? What should the media’s role be? Bloggers weighed in strongly last week. And thanks to news about pop star Beyonce, the MTV Video Music Awards set a record on Twitter and were the subject of the most popular video on YouTube.

IndexesSeptember 1, 2011

Quotes, Tributes and Puns About the Steve Jobs Resignation Fill Twitter

The resignation of the admired businessman and inventor dominated Twitter for the week, far outpacing a pair of natural disasters on the East Coast. On YouTube an international basketball brawl drew significant attention while bloggers were stunned at the size of our national debt.

IndexesAugust 25, 2011

Google, Motorola and Warren Buffett Drive Twitter Conversations

Last week, Google’s purchase of Motorola was big news on both Twitter and in the blogosphere. But Warren Buffet’s financial philosophy also scored high. On blogs, rumors about an upcoming iPhone model and discussion of various 2012 GOP candidates were prominent.