PublicationsMay 28, 2009

California’s Budget Propositions Lead a Diverse Online Conversation

In a week in which no single event dominated blogs and social media, the results of a California referendum and the shooting of an up-and-coming rapper led the online conversation.

PublicationsMay 21, 2009

Once Again, Interrogation and Torture Drive the Online Debate

As was the case with the mainstream media, interrogation techniques and the President’s reversal on the release of prisoner photos led the blogosphere conversation last week.

PublicationsMay 14, 2009

Same-sex Marriage and a Photo Op Flap Lead a Diverse Online Conversation

Bloggers and social media balanced their attention last week among a wide array of subjects that differed dramatically from top stories in the mainstream media.

PublicationsMay 7, 2009

Pig Flu and Politics Dominate the Blogosphere

Bloggers last week debated whether the worldwide swine flu outbreak was a serious public health menace or a case of excessive media hype. And Arlen Specter’s change of parties stirred a partisan debate over the state of the GOP.

PublicationsApril 30, 2009

Interrogation Memos and Miss California Drive the Online Debate

Two hot button issues, torture and same-sex marriage, were the leading subjects sparking conversation online last week. 

PublicationsApril 23, 2009

Tea Parties and Somali Pirates Fuel the Blogosophere Commentary

Bloggers were caught up last week in two major stories: the confrontation with Somali pirates and the April 15 Tea Party protests.

PublicationsApril 16, 2009

Same-Sex Marriage Dominates Conversation in the Blogosphere

The online community was focused on two subjects that received little attention in the mainstream press last week—the debate over gay marriage and the death of a man at the G20 Summit.

PublicationsApril 9, 2009

Bloggers Focus on April Fools’ Joke, Interrogation, and an Actress

Bloggers and social media eschewed the economic crisis and European summitry last week to focus on a group of diverse topics ranging from journalism to political activism to environmentalism. Meanwhile the week’s most viewed YouTube video featured a trick shot from a basketball superstar.

PublicationsApril 2, 2009

Bloggers Focus First on the Economy and Then on a Strange Prank

The economic crisis again dominated blogs and social media last week, as the conversation expanded from AIG to several different elements of the financial meltdown. And the most viewed video was an overseas variation on the same theme.

PublicationsMarch 26, 2009

AIG Bonuses Drive the Online Conversation

With the AIG bonuses fueling outrage, the economic crisis received more attention from the social media last week than any other topic since PEJ began its NMI two months ago. And the week’s most viewed video was a casting call that turned into a stampede.