PublicationsAugust 6, 2009

Blogs Chew Over Food and Health while Iran Surges on Twitter

The conversation in the blogosphere last week focused on two stories that challenged conventional wisdom about healthy food. On Twitter, the protests in Iran dominated at a level not seen since the unrest began in mid-June. And the most-viewed news video featured some on-air cable flirting.

PublicationsJuly 30, 2009

Bloggers Seize on Obama’s Slipping Poll Numbers

While the mainstream press focused on the health care battle last week, the online conversation centered on sobering survey results for President Obama. Bloggers also jumped into the racially charged “Skip” Gates case. Iran was again the hot Twitter topic and a confrontation between David Beckham and angry soccer fans led on YouTube.

PublicationsJuly 23, 2009

Once Again, Sarah Palin and Iran Draw the Attention of Social Media

Contrary to the mainstream media focus on the Sotomayor confirmation hearings last week, social media reflected a very different news agenda. On blogs, Sarah Palin’s political future and views on energy policy dominated. On Twitter, Iran led the conversation for a fifth week in a row. And on YouTube, a controversy over a photo of President Obama was resolved.

PublicationsJuly 16, 2009

Lipstick, White Gloves and Protests Divide the Attention of Social Media

For social media, it was a week of pick your platform. Twitter remained intensely focused on the situation in Iran. YouTube was overwhelmingly devoted to Michael Jackson’s passing. And the blogosphere was more divided overall but led with Sarah Palin’s surprise announcement.

PublicationsJuly 9, 2009

In the Blogosphere, the Walkman and the Pitchman Supplant Michael Jackson

In a week that exposed dramatically different news agendas between social and mainstream media, online commentators shifted away from the King of Pop to focus on a 30-year-old technological breakthrough and the death of an offbeat TV celebrity. The most viewed YouTube video captured an impromptu cell phone snafu.

PublicationsJuly 2, 2009

The Deaths of Michael Jackson and “Neda” Grip the Blogosphere

The online community focused on two primary subjects last week – the passing of singer Michael Jackson and the continuing unrest in Iran. The reaction to the King of Pop’s death, along with stunning video of an Iranian woman referred to as “Neda,” demonstrated again not only the power of social media but the range of its use.

PublicationsJune 25, 2009

Iran and the “Twitter Revolution”

The protests in Iran consumed blogs and social media last week. Web users disseminated information, organized and demonstrated solidarity with protestors. In addition to tracking the blogosphere, this week’s New Media Index takes a look at Twitter and the explosion of tweets about Iran.

PublicationsJune 18, 2009

Political Extremism (At Home and Abroad) Dominates the Blogosphere

Bloggers and social media were consumed with two events in the last week that triggered an online debate about political extremism—one in Europe and one in Washington D.C. And the most-viewed news video on YouTube was the start of a feud between David Letterman and Sarah Palin.

PublicationsJune 11, 2009

The Killing of George Tiller Dominates the Blogosphere Debate

The shooting of a controversial abortion provider triggered far more attention in social media last week than in the mainstream press, with advocates on both sides of the polarizing issue weighing in on the implications. Meanwhile, the most viewed news video on YouTube put the spotlight on an unlikely overnight sensation.

PublicationsJune 4, 2009

Ruling on Prop 8 Triggers the Online Debate

Over the last two months the issue of same-sex marriage has become the hottest topic in the blogosphere, generating far more attention than in the mainstream media.Last week it was the California court ruling upholding the state’s gay marriage ban that dominated the conversation.