PublicationsMay 27, 2010

Bloggers Ponder the Meaning of (Artificial) Life

News that scientists had created the first-ever living cell controlled by synthetic DNA fascinated the blogosphere last week as the discussion focused on the ethics and implications of the achievement. On Twitter, a marketing campaign gone awry received the most attention. And on YouTube, a forceful political ad drew almost a million views.

PublicationsMay 20, 2010

The UK Elections Consume the Blogosphere

While the recent British balloting may have been confusing for many news consumers, bloggers eagerly dissected the results, devoting as much time to the election as any story so far in 2010. On YouTube, the top video, of a controversial police raid, was viewed 1.2 million times.

PublicationsMay 13, 2010

Amid Disasters, Bloggers Look to Score Some Partisan Political Points

The blogosphere was focused on two major news events last week, the failed bombing attempt in Times Square and the spreading oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. And in both instances, the conversation included a lot of partisan finger pointing. The oil spill was also among two of the most viewed news videos on YouTube while Twitter remained more fixated on Apple.

PublicationsMay 6, 2010

Aliens Overtake the Social Media Agenda

The controversial immigration law in Arizona sparked significant interest in the blogosphere last week, as it did in the mainstream media. But the social media also focused intently on a story that was largely absent in the MSM—the question of whether we on earth should consider E.T. a friend or foe.

PublicationsApril 29, 2010

The Eyjafjallajoekull Effect Leads the Blogosphere Again

The travel delays and cancelled flights caused by the eruption of an Icelandic volcano dominated the conversation among bloggers last week. But an Iranian cleric’s claim that immodest women were to blame for earthquakes generated its fair share of attention. On Twitter, stories about Apple’s iPhone and iPad received the most links.

PublicationsApril 22, 2010

A Volcano, a Plane Crash and Obama vs. the Press Top a Diverse Week in the Blogosphere

A natural disaster, a tragic accident and complaints about Obama’s handling of the media shared attention in a very mixed news week that is somewhat atypical for the blogosphere. On Twitter, stories about Google led a week along with news that the Library of Congress is archiving Tweets.

PublicationsApril 15, 2010

Talk of Change Again Incites Bloggers

Groups of bloggers amassed to decry two separate controversies last week: reported rule changes to the board game Scrabble and the declaration that April would be Confederate History Month in Virginia. On YouTube, politics were unusually popular, with three separate congressional videos leading the list. And Twitterers remained fascinated with the iPad.

PublicationsApril 8, 2010

Bloggers Focus on Two Favorite Subjects: Health Care and Global Warming

For the third time in a row, health care reform was the top subject in the blogosphere last week, followed by another common online topic: global warming. On Twitter, developments with the world’s largest energy particle accelerator topped the list. And on YouTube, an awkward moment in Haiti featuring two former presidents attracted more than 3 million views.

PublicationsApril 1, 2010

The Debate over Health Care Reaches a New Level Online

The debate over the passage of health care reform reached unprecedented levels on blogs and Twitter last week, and the debate focused on both the value of the bill and the confrontations that surrounded its passing.

PublicationsMarch 25, 2010

Health Care Opponents Dominate the Blogosphere

As the health care bill neared passage in the House last week, it was by far the most popular topic on blogs, stirring a passionate and sometimes angry debate. On Twitter, a number of technology-focused stories led the way. And on YouTube, Jesse Ventura’s view on conspiracy theories was among the most popular videos.