PublicationsMay 19, 2011

Continued Debate Over Bin Laden’s Death and a Marriage in Tatters

Many bloggers took a decidedly political view of the death of bin Laden last week while others decided to weigh in on the news of a celebrity marriage breakup. On Twitter, Microsoft’s $8.5 billion purchase of Skype created significant buzz.

PublicationsMay 12, 2011

Social Media React to Bin Laden’s Death

The death of the al Qaeda leader drove the social media conversation last week, as bloggers and Facebook and Twitter users examined numerous themes—ranging from fear to humor—that emerged in the wake of the May 1 raid that killed the al Qaeda leader.

PublicationsApril 28, 2011

California Politics (and Strangeness) Catch the Eye of Bloggers

Several local issues in California generated attention in the blogosphere last week, two of them involving allegations of political skullduggery. On Twitter, some bloggers fretted about questions concerning Apple and privacy. And on YouTube, a world leader was caught in the act of petty theft.

PublicationsApril 21, 2011

A Tech Mogul’s Biography Galvanizes Social Media

Bloggers and tweeters agreed last week that Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ upcoming biography was big news while another high-tech executive generated major attention on blogs for walking out on an interview. A touching reunion between a woman and her dog was among the top YouTube videos.

PublicationsApril 14, 2011

Japan and Global Warming Top the Bloggers’ Agenda

Bloggers last week continued to follow the troubling news coming out of Japan and returned to a familiar topic—global warming—in stark contrast to the mainstream media’s attention to Beltway budget battles. Google’s new video initiative was No. 1 on Twitter while soccer-related violence was the top YouTube news clip.

PublicationsApril 7, 2011

The Social Media Agenda–From Supreme Court Rulings to Ancient Books

From a Supreme Court decision to the discovery of ancient books, bloggers hit on a variety of topics last week——a very different list than that of the mainstream media. And YouTube viewers gave top billing to images from Japan.

PublicationsApril 1, 2011

Bloggers Remember Elizabeth Taylor

The crucial events unfolding in both Japan and Libya were among the top stories on blogs last week. But the No. 1 topic was a celebration of the extraordinary life of Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor. On Twitter, the leading story was a high-tech business deal.

PublicationsMarch 24, 2011

In Social Media it’s All About Japan

The aftermath of the devastating Japanese earthquake and tsunami, including fears about leaking radiation, commanded the attention of bloggers, Twitter users and YouTube viewers last week—eclipsing every other news event. And each of those platforms performed a different function.

PublicationsMarch 17, 2011

Twitter Responds to the Japanese Disaster

For many people in Japan and around the world, Twitter was a vital communication tool in the hours following the devastating March 11 earthquake, the seventh most powerful in recorded history. And bloggers got an early jump on the presidential campaign.

PublicationsMarch 10, 2011

This Time, Bloggers Battle over the GOP Budget

While the violence in Libya was one of the top stories on Twitter, bloggers homed in on domestic policy as they debated the potential impact of proposed Republican budget cuts and the prospects of a government shutdown. On YouTube, three videos that brought home the devastation of the earthquake in New Zealand garnered millions of views.