PublicationsJuly 28, 2011

Bloggers Assess Motives of the Norway Attacker

The multiple attacks that struck Norway echoed throughout social media last week. This special edition of PEJ’s New Media Index is an in-depth look at the complex conversation on blogs, where the ideological views of the assailant, Anders Behring Breivik, became a significant point of discussion.

PublicationsJuly 22, 2011

Hacking Scandal Tops Twitter for a Second Week

Twitter users continued to voice their displeasure at Rupert Murdoch last week, and a discussion of the scandal affecting his company was among the top videos on YouTube. On blogs, the No. 1 story was about the federal government’s ruling that marijuana has no accepted medical use.

PublicationsJuly 14, 2011

Twitterers Tackle Murdoch’s Tabloid Scandal

Rupert Murdoch’s troubles produced an outpouring of anger and emotion on Twitter last week. On blogs, the possibility that the White House will leave troops in Iraq beyond 2011 triggered a debate. And on YouTube, footage of an enormous sandstorm that engulfed Phoenix received over a million views.

PublicationsJuly 7, 2011

Social Media Users Debate a Tea Party Favorite

Criticism of a 2012 GOP presidential candidate dominated the conversation on blogs last week, while Twitter users got excited over a new social networking tool from Google. On YouTube, strange objects in the air over London generated the most views.

PublicationsJune 30, 2011

By Nearly 3-to-1, Bloggers Criticize Obama’s Withdrawal Plan for Afghanistan

Bloggers, last week, overwhelmingly disapproved of President Obama’s proposal to withdraw 10,000 troops from Afghanistan by the end of the year. But what they called for instead varied greatly—from wanting all the troops home to calls for sending more support.

PublicationsJune 23, 2011

Angry Bloggers Ask, “Where’s the Money?”

Bloggers last week dug into a financial disaster surrounding a controversial war. On Twitter, science stories, including an eclipse and global warming, led the way. And the top YouTube video showed the downside of a social media misstep.

PublicationsJune 16, 2011

On Twitter, iOS 5 is the Apple of Their Eye

The new Apple operating system sent Twitter users buzzing last week while bloggers kept a close eye on a courtroom battle over the new health care law. And on YouTube, Sarah Palin’s retelling of Paul Revere’s ride was the lead video.

PublicationsJune 9, 2011

Bloggers Return to Politics and Palin

For the first time in two months—driven largely by the Sarah Palin bus tour—the news discussion on blogs turned back to politics. On Twitter, business strategies for social media and concerns about global warming led the way. And on YouTube, the economic crisis in Spain was the subject of the two most popular videos.

PublicationsJune 2, 2011

Crime and Punishment Lead on Blogs

A Supreme Court decision forcing California to release thousands of prisoners due to overcrowding received harsh criticism from bloggers last week, while others weighed in on the arrest of a suspect in a brutal baseball game beating. On YouTube, an interview with Jon Stewart on The O’Reilly Factor garnered the most attention.

PublicationsMay 27, 2011

Social Media Express Strong Support for Israel

How have social media responded to President Obama’s controversial speech about the conflict in the Middle East? This special edition of PEJ’s New Media Index is an in-depth look at the tone of the complex conversation on blogs, Twitter and Facebook that occurred as President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu met in Washington.