PublicationsJuly 22, 2010

Obama, Apple and an Oracular Octopus Lead the Social Media

Election-year politics and a noteworthy poll made up the hottest story in the blogosphere last week. Meanwhile on Twitter, a technology topic involving oft-scrutinized Apple topped the news agenda. And on YouTube, the most popular subject by far was Paul the octopus, the world-class World Cup handicapper.

PublicationsJuly 15, 2010

Teen Singer Gets Singed in Social Media

An Internet prank aimed at 16-year-old pop star Justin Bieber provided amusement for many in the social media world last week. Social media also debated several legal issues ranging from immigration to the digital economy. And on YouTube, CNN host Anderson Cooper’s commentary on the lack of media access to the oil spill cleanup drew the most hits.

PublicationsJuly 8, 2010

Gun Rights Stir Passions in the Blogosphere

Civil liberties were the hot topics across social media last week. Bloggers debated the Supreme Court decision on gun ownership and Finland’s law making Internet access a legal right. Twitter drew attention to the discovery of a privacy leak on the website Foursquare. On YouTube, a video purportedly showing oily rain in the Gulf region led to controversy.

PublicationsJuly 1, 2010

McChrystal’s Comments Turn the Social Media to Afghanistan

The controversy surrounding General McChrystal – and especially Obama’s role in the matter – commanded attention on blogs and Twitter last week. Twitter users also shared news of a landmark copyright ruling portrayed as a victory for online freedom. And on YouTube, a clip of a dancing baby led to a vibrant conversation over authenticity.

PublicationsJune 24, 2010

The Oil Saga Spills into Social Media

The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico became a hot topic in blogs and on Twitter last week, with the discussion focused on a range of storylines. At the same time, two subjects that had generated little attention in recent weeks—the economy and the war in Afghanistan—also drew significant interest. On YouTube, a Congressman’s angry response to being filmed drew almost 2.5 million views.

PublicationsJune 17, 2010

The Flotilla Fallout Leads the Blogosphere Again

Even as the story died down in the mainstream media last week, bloggers continued to debate the Israeli interdiction of a Turkish supply ship that left nine people dead. On Twitter, the focus on computer giant Apple continued. And on YouTube, a startling car accident drew more than three million hits.

PublicationsJune 10, 2010

Bloggers Assess Blame in the Gaza Flotilla Fight

Passions ran high as the blogosphere was consumed with the deadly confrontation between Israeli forces and a supply ship headed for Gaza last week. On Twitter, stories about European soccer led the week. And on YouTube, videos of the Mavi Marmara incident drew significant interest along with a toddler with an unhealthy addiction.

PublicationsJune 3, 2010

In Social Media, Technology Drives the News Agenda

The debate over the popular social networking site Facebook and the issue of privacy rights led a technology-focused week on social media. On Twitter, more than half of the news links were about Apple, a favorite Twitter topic. On YouTube, an ad about immigration featuring a frog puppet received the most views.

PublicationsMay 27, 2010

Bloggers Ponder the Meaning of (Artificial) Life

News that scientists had created the first-ever living cell controlled by synthetic DNA fascinated the blogosphere last week as the discussion focused on the ethics and implications of the achievement. On Twitter, a marketing campaign gone awry received the most attention. And on YouTube, a forceful political ad drew almost a million views.

PublicationsMay 20, 2010

The UK Elections Consume the Blogosphere

While the recent British balloting may have been confusing for many news consumers, bloggers eagerly dissected the results, devoting as much time to the election as any story so far in 2010. On YouTube, the top video, of a controversial police raid, was viewed 1.2 million times.