PublicationsDecember 29, 2010

WikiLeaks Prove Wickedly Popular Among Bloggers

For the third time this month, bloggers remained wrapped up in the WikiLeaks affair and U.S. government response. Bloggers also cheered the end the of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. On Twitter, news media predictions for 2011 garnered the most attention. And a shocking event caught live on video drew the most views on YouTube.

PublicationsDecember 16, 2010

A Tax Compromise and a WikiLeaks Controversy Capture Social Media

The agreement on tax cuts between President Obama and GOP leaders led to a complex online conversation which revealed deep tensions within one party. The WikiLeaks controversy, a hot topic for the second week in a row, drew a more unified response. And on YouTube, a tragic stunt on live German television drew worldwide attention.

PublicationsDecember 9, 2010

Leaked Documents Drive the Online Conversation

The social media were galvanized last week by the WikiLeaks dissemination of secret U.S. documents—sharing and commenting on a number of different elements in the story. Twitter users drew even more attention, though, to a major scientific discovery largely uncovered in the mainstream press.

PublicationsDecember 2, 2010

Social Media Join the Anti-TSA Movement

The outrage over new security measures at the nation’s airports ran rampant among bloggers, Tweeters, and YouTube viewers. Phrases like “security theater,” “money making scam” and even an animated reenactment of full body x-rays and pat-downs pervaded social media.

PublicationsNovember 18, 2010

Global Warming Heats Up the Blogosphere

News of scientists’ plans to more actively warn of global warming dangers generated a big response from bloggers last week. And on YouTube, the continuing Philip DeFranco phenomenon illustrates the online platform’s power to turn regular folks into video stars.

PublicationsNovember 11, 2010

Bloggers Blast an Iran War Scenario

A backlash against columnist David Broder’s suggestions for Obama united bloggers last week while and Comedy Central’s Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear got mixed reviews.  

PublicationsOctober 28, 2010

Two Tea Party Icons Trigger Blogosphere Battles

The online rhetoric heated up last week as bloggers from the left and right responded to statements from two controversial GOP figures. On Twitter, users marveled over an unorthodox space launch while on YouTube, the subject of UFOs was front and center.

PublicationsOctober 21, 2010

Social Media Debate a Mortgage Mess, Science and Religion

The country’s ongoing mortgage crisis sparked outrage from many bloggers last week while others discussed the compatibility—or lack thereof—between faith and science. On Twitter, images of the rescued Chilean miners drew cheers. And on YouTube, a movie star’s surprise visit to a school received millions of views.

PublicationsOctober 14, 2010

For Bloggers it’s the Two E’s — Election and Economy

With the 2010 midterm season upon us, bloggers of various political stripes last week focused intently on politics and the state of the U.S. economy. On Twitter, technology topics again led the way. And the most popular YouTube video was a phony satirical story about a young pop idol.

PublicationsOctober 7, 2010

Bloggers React to a Religion Quiz

A survey concluding that non-believers know more about religion than believers sparked an intense and heartfelt conversation among bloggers last week. On Twitter, a disturbing discovery in a loaf of bread was the top story. And on YouTube, a Swiss politician with the giggles became an international video star.