CampaignNovember 3, 2008

Near Campaign’s End, It’s All About Numbers

In the final week of the campaign, both presidential candidates continued to pound away at each other’s economic policies. But as they examined the details of the last polls, the battlegrounds, and the strategy, the media had all but anointed a winner.

CampaignOctober 27, 2008

As the Candidates Head Down the Stretch, Horse Race Dominates

Colin Powell’s endorsement and Joe Biden’s gaffe were almost one-day wonders last week as the news cycle sped up in the campaign’s final days. Now, it’s battleground states and polls that seem to be capturing much of the media’s attention.

CampaignOctober 20, 2008

A Plumber (Sort of) Gets His 15 Minutes

The final presidential debate was the top campaign storyline last week. And both candidates rolled out major economic packages. But perhaps the most memorable event was the media descending on an unlikely new voice of the working class.

CampaignOctober 14, 2008

Economy Shrinks, Tactics Grow, in Media Narrative

The stock market tanked, and the candidates took citizen questions during a presidential debate. But with Election Day looming in less than a month, the media spotlight last week was trained on the hostile rhetoric heard on the campaign trail.

CampaignOctober 6, 2008

Veep Debate, Palin Rule Campaign News

Coverage of the nation’s financial crisis reached new heights last week as Congress struggled to produce a bailout package. But when it came to the presidential campaign narrative, the match-up in Missouri proved more interesting to the media.

CampaignSeptember 29, 2008

Media Narrative Whipsaws Between Bailout, Debate

In a week in which he injected both suspense and personal dramatics into the campaign storyline, Republican John McCain was the leading newsmaker. But after a debate that the public scored differently than the press, it was Barack Obama getting the more positive headlines.

CampaignSeptember 22, 2008

The Latest Campaign Narrative—‘It’s The Economy, Stupid’

Even the Palin phenomenon took a back seat last week as a profound crisis in the financial markets dominated the headlines. In a campaign season of constantly changing storylines, will this become the dominant issue that determines the outcome?

CampaignSeptember 15, 2008

Northern Exposure Still Dominates the News

The Republican convention may be over, but the Sarah Palin phenomenon continues to be the big campaign newsmaker. Last week, the media took a closer look at her record, she sat for her first interview, and lipstick entered the realm of political wedge issues.

CampaignSeptember 8, 2008

The Palin Phenomenon Drives Campaign Coverage

Last week, John McCain formally accepted his party’s nomination for the U.S. presidency. But he was overshadowed by the attention paid to Sarah Palin, some of which pitted the GOP vs. the media.

CampaignSeptember 2, 2008

Denver and Palin Fuel Biggest Campaign Week Yet

For much of last week, the Democrats’ effort to make peace and reintroduce Obama to voters were the focal points of campaign coverage. How much success did John McCain have in suddenly stealing the media narrative?