PublicationsJune 23, 2003

Jessica Lynch

PEJ examines how the Lynch saga grew and changed in the media over time.

PublicationsMay 22, 2003

Snob Journalism

Thank you. It is an honor, and pleasure, to be here for the Ruhl Symposium. It was also, I have to add, moving to be here for the Payne Awards. Hearing the stories of the winners, of the hardships these journalists had to overcome, including death threats, legal pressure and government coercion, …

PublicationsApril 29, 2003

Does Ownership Matter in Local Television News?

The study examines the tendencies of different local television news ownership structures.

PublicationsApril 9, 2003

Quality and the Bottom Line

Initial PEJ research into the relationship between quality and profits indicates that good journalism is good business.

PublicationsApril 3, 2003

Embedded Reporters

A PEJ analysis of embedded coverage found it was largely anecdotal, combat-focused and live and unedited.

PublicationsFebruary 27, 2003

New Federal Rules for Media Ownership

How aware is the American public of the debate currently taking place about changing the rules over media ownership in the United States?

PublicationsJanuary 7, 2003

All News Media Inc.

Without much notice, the federal government is moving toward the most sweeping change ever in the rules that govern ownership of the American news media.

This shift could reduce the independence of the news media and the ability of Americans to take part in public debate. Yet because of mea …