PublicationsNovember 19, 2001

Before And After

The war on terrorism has caused a colossal shift in the news people see on network television.

PublicationsNovember 1, 2001

Local TV News Project 2001

Local newsrooms beset by sponsor interference, budget cuts, layoffs, and added programming.

PublicationsMay 1, 2001

The Unexamined Presidency

A review of the early press coverage of George W. Bush's administration reveals some unexpected and troubling features of contemporary political journalism: even the most serious newspapers in the country have pulled back dramatically on covering the presidency.

PublicationsApril 30, 2001

The First 100 Days

Did George W. Bush really get an easier ride from the media in his first months in office?

PublicationsMarch 15, 2001

Campaign 2000

How the press covered the campaign, from New Hampshire to the home stretch.

PublicationsJanuary 1, 2001

Campaign Lite

The first presidential election of the 21st century may go down in history as the moment when campaigning disappeared into private space. Eighty years ago, radio allowed people to hear candidates by their firesides for the first time. Thirty years later, television added pictures, which transform …