PublicationsJune 29, 2012

Social Media Passionate and Divided over Court’s Health Care Ruling

Users of Twitter, Facebook and blogs weighed in heavily on the Supreme Court Health Care ruling last week. PEJ examines the sentiment on each of the three social media platforms, how that sentiment shifted in the days that followed the ruling and the degree to which users delved into implications for the presidential contenders.

PublicationsJune 26, 2012

News Corp Split, Buffett’s Bet Top Year of Big Media Ownership Changes

Reports that News Corp is spinning off the publishing division cap a year of major changes in news industry ownership. It was the busiest time for newspaper sales since 2007 and witnessed the single largest local TV acquisition in four years. Visit PEJ’s interactive database, to explore financial statistics on more than 4,000 radio and TV stations, newspapers and news websites.

PublicationsJune 21, 2012

Apple Announcements Dominate the Blogosphere

The news made at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco last week ricocheted through the internet’s many tech blogs. And on YouTube, a mixture of President Obama and the catchy pop tune “Call Me Maybe” was the most viewed news-related video for the second week in a row.

PublicationsJune 19, 2012

What Americans Learned From the Media About the Health Care Debate

PEJ examines how the health care debate was presented in the press, which party won the messaging war and how the bill has largely disappeared from view.

PublicationsJune 14, 2012

How a Pop Tune Became the Hottest Social Media Meme

The hit song “Call Me Maybe” entered the news realm last week as a video of President Obama seemingly singing the tune went viral. The video also inspired numerous imitators, displaying the power of the online “meme.”

PublicationsJune 7, 2012

Smartphone Speculation Soars on Social Media

Bloggers and Twitter users love guessing about new high-tech devices and last week, they were busy discussing what the new iPhone would look like and whether Facebook would jump into the smartphone business. On YouTube, many users saw video of a gruesome crime.

PublicationsJune 6, 2012

Presidential Election Leads the News

The Project for Excellence in Journalism did not publish a news index report this week. However, the data is available.

PublicationsMay 31, 2012

The Blogosphere Worries about Government Propaganda

The House passage of the Smith–Mundt Modernization Act led both liberal and conservative bloggers to voice strong concerns that it would pave the way for government influence on domestic public opinion. But they disagreed over who was to blame.

PublicationsMay 30, 2012

Cable News Drives Election Coverage

The Project for Excellence in Journalism did not publish a news index report this week. However, the data is available.

PublicationsMay 24, 2012

When Euro Zone Woes Make the News

Media attention to the continuing financial problems within the European Union spiked last week as Greece contemplated withdrawing from the organization.  PEJ examines how and when the U.S. media have covered this ongoing story in the past 12 months and how that coverage compares to other subjects.