PublicationsJuly 15, 2011

What Does Murdoch Own in the U.S.?

The recent scandal involving Rupert Murdoch’s news operations in the United Kingdom, and news of new FBI investigation in the U.S., raises questions about whether or not the controversy will spread to his American holdings. What media properties does Murdoch own in America? PEJ offers details.

PublicationsJuly 14, 2011

When Verdicts Make Headlines

Last week’s not guilty outcome in the Casey Anthony murder trial generated major media attention, registering as the No. 2 story of the week. How does coverage of that decision compare to other high-profile court cases since PEJ began the News Coverage Index more than four years ago?

PublicationsJuly 14, 2011

Twitterers Tackle Murdoch’s Tabloid Scandal

Rupert Murdoch’s troubles produced an outpouring of anger and emotion on Twitter last week. On blogs, the possibility that the White House will leave troops in Iraq beyond 2011 triggered a debate. And on YouTube, footage of an enormous sandstorm that engulfed Phoenix received over a million views.

PublicationsJuly 10, 2011

Deficit Deliberations and a Surprise Verdict Top the News

Coverage of the U.S. economy led the news agenda for the third week in a row, thanks to some drama in the deficit talks. The unexpected conclusion to a high profile trial generated plenty of press attention while a major British media scandal made its way across the Atlantic.

PublicationsJuly 7, 2011

Return of Foreign News?

In the first half of 2011, foreign events weighed heavily in the U.S. news media agenda. The Arab Spring, Japan tsunami, and the death of Osama bin Laden were just some of the issues making foreign news so big. How does the coverage of these foreign issues compare to international coverage the last four years? 

PublicationsJuly 7, 2011

Social Media Users Debate a Tea Party Favorite

Criticism of a 2012 GOP presidential candidate dominated the conversation on blogs last week, while Twitter users got excited over a new social networking tool from Google. On YouTube, strange objects in the air over London generated the most views.

PublicationsJuly 4, 2011

Obama and Bachmann Drive Economic and Election Coverage

The stalemate over deficit reduction and the entry of another candidate into the crowded 2012 presidential race made the economy and election the two leading stories last week. Meanwhile media attention to Afghanistan fell dramatically, highlighting the episodic and uneven coverage of that decade-old conflict.

PublicationsJune 30, 2011

By Nearly 3-to-1, Bloggers Criticize Obama’s Withdrawal Plan for Afghanistan

Bloggers, last week, overwhelmingly disapproved of President Obama’s proposal to withdraw 10,000 troops from Afghanistan by the end of the year. But what they called for instead varied greatly—from wanting all the troops home to calls for sending more support.

PublicationsJune 29, 2011

Bachmann v. Palin—Race for Coverage

Michele Bachmann just announced her formal bid for the White House. This is following strong showings in Iowa polls and debate appearances. But how does coverage of the congresswoman compare to her running mates and to perhaps her biggest rival Sarah Palin? Is momentum beginning to shift?

PublicationsJune 25, 2011

Afghanistan War Jumps Back into Headlines

Though the economy topped the mainstream news agenda, Obama’s troop drawdown announcement gave Afghanistan its biggest week of coverage in a year. And while mainstay subjects—the campaign and the Mid-East—continued to make news, the surprise arrest of one of the FBI’s most wanted dominated the end of the week.