PublicationsJuly 15, 2010

Teen Singer Gets Singed in Social Media

An Internet prank aimed at 16-year-old pop star Justin Bieber provided amusement for many in the social media world last week. Social media also debated several legal issues ranging from immigration to the digital economy. And on YouTube, CNN host Anderson Cooper’s commentary on the lack of media access to the oil spill cleanup drew the most hits.

PublicationsJuly 14, 2010

Overseas Officials in the U.S. Media

The highly anticipated Washington meeting last week between President Barack Obama and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu generated plenty of attention in the American press. The Israeli leader has often been in the news this year. But which other international leaders have attracted significant attention from the U.S. media so far in 2010?

PublicationsJuly 12, 2010

Oil Leads Again as Stocks, Spies and Politics Contend for Coverage

The environmental disaster in the Gulf continued to draw media attention last week, though far below the levels it once commanded. Coverage of the politics surrounding the mid-term elections edged out a mixed bag of economic news for the No. 2 slot. And an NBA superstar proved to be one of the week’s biggest newsmakers.

PublicationsJuly 8, 2010

Gun Rights Stir Passions in the Blogosphere

Civil liberties were the hot topics across social media last week. Bloggers debated the Supreme Court decision on gun ownership and Finland’s law making Internet access a legal right. Twitter drew attention to the discovery of a privacy leak on the website Foursquare. On YouTube, a video purportedly showing oily rain in the Gulf region led to controversy.

PublicationsJuly 8, 2010

Shrinking World Cup Story

The international soccer competition in South Africa has certainly generated attention from the mainstream U.S. news media. But in the past week, that coverage has been on a sharp downward trajectory. How has the U.S. press covered the global games and what accounts for the drop-off?

PublicationsJuly 6, 2010

The Spill Leads the News in a Balanced Week

Coverage of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico edged out gloomy economic news and the mostly routine Elena Kagan confirmation hearings last week. But even as it regained the top spot after a one-week hiatus, there is evidence of diminishing media interest in the BP spill saga.

PublicationsJuly 1, 2010

McChrystal’s Comments Turn the Social Media to Afghanistan

The controversy surrounding General McChrystal – and especially Obama’s role in the matter – commanded attention on blogs and Twitter last week. Twitter users also shared news of a landmark copyright ruling portrayed as a victory for online freedom. And on YouTube, a clip of a dancing baby led to a vibrant conversation over authenticity.

PublicationsJune 30, 2010

McChrystal Tops List of Military Newsmakers

General Stanley McChrystal’s firing and surge in media attention last week made him the top figure among military newsmakers since January 2009. Where on the list does his former boss and replacement, General David Petraeus, rank?

PublicationsJune 28, 2010

Afghan War Tops the News, Edging out Oil Spill

Obama’s replacement of General McChrystal as the head of NATO forces in Afghanistan generated voluminous political analysis last week. Coverage of the war approached a level not seen since late last year. Meanwhile, the Gulf oil spill continued to attract headlines, as did Wall Street reform. 

PublicationsJune 24, 2010

The Oil Saga Spills into Social Media

The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico became a hot topic in blogs and on Twitter last week, with the discussion focused on a range of storylines. At the same time, two subjects that had generated little attention in recent weeks—the economy and the war in Afghanistan—also drew significant interest. On YouTube, a Congressman’s angry response to being filmed drew almost 2.5 million views.