PublicationsOctober 6, 2010

Tech Topics in the News

When technology generates headlines in the mainstream press—and it’s not all that often—what storylines drive that coverage? A recent PEJ report examined a year’s worth of tech stories and found a mix of domestic and global events at the top of the list. And some of them focused on the products of one high-tech powerhouse.

PublicationsOctober 4, 2010

It’s the 2010 Campaign, Again.

As the campaign for control of Congress entered its final month, election news once again dominated the headlines—overshadowing almost everything else. Some housing news drove coverage of the economy while President Obama’s suggestion to lengthen the school year helped make education one of the week’s top stories. 

PublicationsSeptember 30, 2010

An Obama Quote Stokes the Blogosphere

Conservative bloggers last week expressed outrage over a passage from Bob Woodward’s new book. Tweeters were galvanized by a security flaw on Twitter. And YouTube viewers were interested in some provocative statements a GOP Senate candidate made on television more than a decade ago. 

PublicationsSeptember 29, 2010

Gay Rights in the News

The unsuccessful effort last week to repeal the military’s ban against openly gay men and women put the subject of gay rights into the headlines. That doesn’t happen all that often, according to a PEJ examination of coverage in the past three years. But what subjects dominate when the debate over gay rights does generate substantial media attention?

PublicationsSeptember 27, 2010

When Technology Makes Headlines

The mainstream media offer the American public a divided view of how information technology influences society, according to a new PEJ study. Messages such as technology making life easier often vie with concerns about privacy and safety. How do the media portray technology? Which companies get the most coverage? Do social media and blogs treat the subject differently than traditional media? A year-long study of technology coverage answers these and other questions.

PublicationsSeptember 27, 2010

Midterm Election Coverage Kicks into High Gear

With balloting little more than a month away, the 2010 congressional elections again topped the media agenda as a good chunk of that narrative focused on the power and potential of the tea party. And one factor that will clearly influence the outcome on election night, the state of the U.S. economy, was the No. 2 topic.

PublicationsSeptember 23, 2010

Advances in Social Networking Keep Twitter Atwitter

Technology topped the agenda on Twitter last week as the powerful tech troika of Twitter, Google and Facebook all generated attention. On blogs, the focus was divided between events relating to the Afghanistan war and the death of a veteran actor. And a YouTube-based host who creates his own brand of news was popular once again.

PublicationsSeptember 23, 2010

The Economy as a Media Mainstay

The financial woes facing the United States have been a major topic since the near collapse of Wall Street in September 2008. Economic coverage has certainly receded from the lofty levels in late 2008 and early 2009, but it remains a staple of the mainstream media menu. How much attention has the topic generated in 2010, and which economic storylines have received the most coverage?

PublicationsSeptember 20, 2010

O’Donnell’s Delaware Stunner Drives Election Coverage

In a year of attention-grabbing election surprises, nothing generated as much media interest as Delaware’s GOP Senate race last week. The troubled economy attracted significant coverage as well, but this time the focus was on tax cuts rather than employment figures. And education issues made a rare appearance on the list of PEJ’s top-five stories last week.

PublicationsSeptember 16, 2010

Iraq and a Rug Galvanize the Blogosphere

Anti-war and anti-Obama bloggers weighed in last week over the costs of the Iraq conflict and a quotation on a new rug in the Oval Office. On Twitter, the New York Times publisher’s prediction about the future of print from drew attention. And a YouTube-based talk show proved very popular.