PublicationsJune 22, 2009

Iran Dominates as the Media are the Message

The intensifying protests and political ferment inside Iran eclipsed some major domestic stories in the U.S. news agenda last week. And as the mainstream press confronted daunting restrictions on coverage, an outpouring of social media reports—but not all from Twitter—helped drive the Iran narrative.

PublicationsJune 18, 2009

Women in the News

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was a media phenomenon during the 2008 presidential campaign. And her very public dust-up with David Letterman helped make her one last week’s leading newsmakers. Which other women have found themselves in the headlines most often this year?

PublicationsJune 18, 2009

Political Extremism (At Home and Abroad) Dominates the Blogosphere

Bloggers and social media were consumed with two events in the last week that triggered an online debate about political extremism—one in Europe and one in Washington D.C. And the most-viewed news video on YouTube was the start of a feud between David Letterman and Sarah Palin.

PublicationsJune 15, 2009

No Story Dominates, But Iran Fascinates

The economy, a hate crime, health care and Detroit’s problems all competed for attention in last week’s news landscape. But a presidential vote in Iran commanded much of the late-week coverage, as the press focused on a nation it often tends to ignore.

PublicationsJune 11, 2009

Obama Abroad – When Does It Make News?

Obama’s recent trip to the Middle East and Europe, punctuated by his June 4 speech in Cairo, attracted major media attention. But not all of his international visits have been treated equally by the press. Which ones have generated the most coverage?

PublicationsJune 11, 2009

The Killing of George Tiller Dominates the Blogosphere Debate

The shooting of a controversial abortion provider triggered far more attention in social media last week than in the mainstream press, with advocates on both sides of the polarizing issue weighing in on the implications. Meanwhile, the most viewed news video on YouTube put the spotlight on an unlikely overnight sensation.

PublicationsJune 8, 2009

Conciliation in Cairo Drives the News Agenda

Several big events vied for the attention of the media last week. But for the second time in two months, a major overseas presidential foray topped the news agenda when it demonstrated Barack Obama’s dramatically different approach to foreign policy.

PublicationsJune 4, 2009

Ruling on Prop 8 Triggers the Online Debate

Over the last two months the issue of same-sex marriage has become the hottest topic in the blogosphere, generating far more attention than in the mainstream media.Last week it was the California court ruling upholding the state’s gay marriage ban that dominated the conversation.

PublicationsJune 2, 2009

Dick Cheney – A Bigger Newsmaker Out of Office

As Vice-President, Dick Cheney was often depicted as a mysterious figure who steered clear of the media. But since leaving office, he has become perhaps the most visible and outspoken voice of GOP opposition to Barack Obama. How does Cheney’s current coverage compare with the coverage in his last year in the White House?

PublicationsJune 1, 2009

Sotomayor Spin Wars Dominate the Narrative

Even as many observers predicted Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor would win confirmation, the first days of coverage were defined by harsh rhetoric and ideological combat. It was another example of the media’s enduring affinity for the conflict frame of news.