PublicationsJuly 16, 2009

Lipstick, White Gloves and Protests Divide the Attention of Social Media

For social media, it was a week of pick your platform. Twitter remained intensely focused on the situation in Iran. YouTube was overwhelmingly devoted to Michael Jackson’s passing. And the blogosphere was more divided overall but led with Sarah Palin’s surprise announcement.

PublicationsJuly 16, 2009

The New Washington Press Corps

In the past two decades, the makeup of the Washington D.C. press corps has been fundamentally transformed. While the old media have shrunk alarmingly, two new elements have risen up to virtually replace them in number. What are the implications for news consumers in the U.S. and abroad?

PublicationsJuly 10, 2009

Jackson’s (and Palin’s) Star Power Drive the Media Narrative

As has been the case since his death, Michael Jackson dominated the headlines last week—with his July 7 memorial service as the major newsmaker. And while the struggling economy continued to generate attention, the No. 3 story was the ongoing press buzz over the outgoing Alaska Governor.

PublicationsJuly 9, 2009

Iraq – The Incredible Shrinking Story

Last week, coverage of the Iraq war spiked with the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraqi   cities and the Prime Minister’s declaration of a national holiday. But in 2009, coverage of the six-year-old conflict has been sparse, continuing a long trend. PEJ tracks the shrinking trajectory of war coverage.

PublicationsJuly 9, 2009

In the Blogosphere, the Walkman and the Pitchman Supplant Michael Jackson

In a week that exposed dramatically different news agendas between social and mainstream media, online commentators shifted away from the King of Pop to focus on a 30-year-old technological breakthrough and the death of an offbeat TV celebrity. The most viewed YouTube video captured an impromptu cell phone snafu.

PublicationsJuly 7, 2009

As the Plot Thickens, the Jackson Saga Dominates

There were major events at home and abroad last week. But the media spotlight remained on the “King of Pop” as the story expanded from recollections of his career and tributes from his fans to a series of medical, legal and possibly even criminal issues.

PublicationsJuly 2, 2009

The Deaths of Michael Jackson and “Neda” Grip the Blogosphere

The online community focused on two primary subjects last week – the passing of singer Michael Jackson and the continuing unrest in Iran. The reaction to the King of Pop’s death, along with stunning video of an Iranian woman referred to as “Neda,” demonstrated again not only the power of social media but the range of its use.

PublicationsJune 29, 2009

Media Swing from Protests in Iran to the Passing of the King of Pop

Even by midweek, the media had begun to shift focus from protests in Iran to a political sex scandal in South Carolina. But all that was before the death of the best-selling recording artist whose troubled life and pioneering music made him an icon. By the time the week ended, focus on Michael Jackson’s passing overwhelmed all other media stories.

PublicationsJune 25, 2009

Riots, Rallies and Protests

As the street protests in Iran turned violent, the turmoil inside that country dominated headlines in the U.S. media last week. What other stories chronicling protests and public dissent have generated significant press attention in the past few years?

PublicationsJune 25, 2009

Iran and the “Twitter Revolution”

The protests in Iran consumed blogs and social media last week. Web users disseminated information, organized and demonstrated solidarity with protestors. In addition to tracking the blogosphere, this week’s New Media Index takes a look at Twitter and the explosion of tweets about Iran.