PublicationsSeptember 24, 2009

Bloggers Focus on Obama’s Opposition

A discussion that revolved around the critics of Barack Obama and his policies dominated the blogosphere last week—with the Tea Party protests and Jimmy Carter’s remarks about race as the main catalyst. On YouTube, an exhibition of public rudeness was the most viewed video.

PublicationsSeptember 21, 2009

Health Care Tops the News and Race Resurfaces as an Issue

The debate over health care took a new turn last week, as politicians and the media reacted to a new Senate proposal. And one outgrowth of the polarizing battle was that race played its biggest role in the media narrative since Obama became president.

PublicationsSeptember 17, 2009

A Rat and an Outburst Overtake the Blogosphere

The discovery of a giant rat species in Papua New Guinea and the shout of a Congressman during Obama’s health care speech led the blogs last week. Twitter, on the other hand, proved to be ever more self-absorbed. And on YouTube, it was still health care, albeit in a more civil tone.

PublicationsSeptember 16, 2009

Politics Puts School Back in the News

The subject of education rarely generates major attention in the news media, but that changed when Barack Obama prepared to talk to public school children on September 8. How a mostly political flap turned into the biggest week of education coverage since PEJ began monitoring the news agenda.

PublicationsSeptember 14, 2009

A Speech and a Shout Drive Health Care Coverage

Due largely to the President’s prime time address to Congress, coverage of the health care reform issue exploded last week. And an Obama speech to school children that wasn’t so controversial after all also made the top story list.

PublicationsSeptember 10, 2009

In the Blogosphere, Afghanistan Emerges as a Hot Topic

A dovish article by a conservative columnist triggered a heated blogger’s debate over Afghanistan last week while the major topics on Twitter were all related to technology. On YouTube, health care protests continue to make for popular viewing, though not quite as popular as a dancing school teacher.

PublicationsSeptember 8, 2009

From Health Care to Wildfires, a Broad Diet of News

Thanks to speculation about Barack Obama’s crucial September 9 speech, the health care debate was, once again, the week’s leading story.  But press attention more generally was split among a series of significant events, both at home and abroad.

PublicationsSeptember 3, 2009

Bipartisan Kennedy Condolences Dominate the Blogosphere

Bloggers, even more so than the mainstream press, dedicated the week to the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy. Twitter users linked to Kennedy as well, but were more caught up in new legislation that could affect their online activities. And according to YouTube clicks, health care town halls still make for good viewing.

PublicationsSeptember 2, 2009

The Missing and the Media

The disturbing case of Jaycee Dugard, who turned up safe on August 28 after being kidnapped 18 years earlier, was the fifth-biggest story last week, beating out such topics as Afghanistan and the Michael Jackson investigation.  Indeed, in the past several years, a number of high-profile missing person stories have generated substantial press attention.

PublicationsAugust 31, 2009

The Death of a Liberal Lion Commands the News

The passing of the last of the fabled Kennedy brothers easily led last week’s news agenda and generated a host of storylines. And for the first time in more than a month, the fractious health care debate was relegated to the sidelines.