PublicationsJuly 8, 2008

Both Campaigns Get the Summertime Blues

There wasn’t much good news in the media campaign narrative for either John McCain or Barack Obama last week. The big McCain story was a staff shakeup that exposed internal problems in the campaign. Meanwhile Obama was trying to prove his patriotism, avoid charges of flip-flopping, and minimize the damage from a surrogate controversy.

PublicationsJuly 2, 2008

For Don Imus, What a Difference a Year Makes

Talk host Don Imus made news again for a racially tinged remark about football player Adam “Pacman” Jones. But how did that compare with the media’s response to his infamous insult of the Rutgers women’s basketball team that cost him two jobs last year?

PublicationsJune 30, 2008

Democrats and Unity Drive the Campaign Narrative

Barack Obama’s efforts to heal the wounds of the primary battle and to reconcile with the Clintons were the major story lines in last week’s coverage of the Presidential campaign. And they’re a big reason why the Democratic nominee generated about twice as much coverage as did John McCain.

PublicationsJune 25, 2008

The U.S. Media and the Other War

The news of recent clashes in Afghanistan’s Paktia province is a reminder that a bloody war is still being waged there. But how much media attention is that seven-year-old war generating and how does that compare to the coverage devoted to the conflict in Iraq?

PublicationsJune 23, 2008

The Spouse and the President Get Their Media Close-up

Barack Obama and John McCain sparred over offshore drilling and campaign financing, and former Presidential contender Al Gore generated headlines with an endorsement of Obama. But the coverage last week also focused on two people—Michelle Obama and George Bush—who may have a major impact on the outcome of the election.

PublicationsJune 19, 2008

Violent Weather is Bigger on Broadcast Networks

Flooding and destructive storms continued to bombard the Midwest last week and they made major news—especially on the network morning news shows. How does disaster coverage stack up on the other media news platforms?

PublicationsJune 16, 2008

Obama Makes More News Than McCain, But It’s Not All Good

In the kickoff week of full-time general election coverage, a collection of policy issues—from the war to gas prices—made up the leading media campaign narrative. But the press also lavished considerable attention on one high-profile controversy and on some of the ill will left over from the Democratic primary battle.

PublicationsJune 11, 2008

How Big Was McClellan's Tell All?

As White House press secretary, Scott McClellan was well known for being cautious and tight-lipped in his dealings with the media. But a controversial memoir, a high-profile press tour, and a torrent of criticism have suddenly turned him into one of the year’s biggest headline grabbers.

PublicationsJune 9, 2008

Clinton Drives the Media Narrative the Week Obama Wins

In the last official week of the long and grueling Democratic nomination battle, Barack Obama captured his party’s top prize. But it was Hillary Clinton—by providing most of the week’s suspense and drama—who proved she could still dominate the story line in defeat.

PublicationsJune 4, 2008

Follow-up Failure in Texas

It was major news in early April when state authorities began removing hundreds of children from a polygamist sect in Eldorado Texas. But media interest waned significantly when a Texas Court ordered authorities to return the children to their families.