PublicationsAugust 4, 2008

Extra! Extra! McCain Makes as Much News as Obama

After accusations of pro-Obama bias and a run of media soul searching, and helped by a heavy dose of controversial attack advertising from his campaign team, Republican nominee John McCain finally forced Barack Obama to share the headlines last week.

PublicationsJuly 31, 2008

Crime Time on Cable News

Crime was big news last week. The case of a missing two-year-old in Florida was a major story. And the Washington Post published a series on the unsolved seven-year-old murder of former federal intern Chandra Levy. How often does crime make headlines? And which media pay the most attention?

PublicationsJuly 28, 2008

Amid Charges of Bias, the Media Swarm on Obama Overseas

Barack Obama’s week-long tour of world hotspots and capitals generated more coverage than any campaign event in months. But in the end, the media wondered what he had accomplished and whether they were paying too much attention.

PublicationsJuly 23, 2008

Foreign Coverage Shrinking, Not Gone

Even if coverage of foreign news is decreasing, some events still make headlines. With fewer resources devoted to these stories, which countries are attracting U.S. media attention?

PublicationsJuly 21, 2008

The Changing Newsroom

Newspapers are suffering historic cuts in staffing and drops in revenue, while technological advances are creating new opportunities. What is disappearing from newspapers and what is being added?

PublicationsJuly 21, 2008

War Takes Center Stage as Obama Moves Overseas

The week began with a controversial magazine cover. By week’s end, an anticipation of an overseas Obama trip dominated campaign coverage and brought Iraq back into frame.

PublicationsJuly 17, 2008

Obama Rumors Get More Press

The controversial New Yorker magazine cover, which depicted Barack Obama as a Muslim and Michelle Obama as a terrorist, brought new attention to rumors about Obama’s patriotism. How much coverage has the media given to rumors that Obama is a Muslim, and or potentially a terrorist?

PublicationsJuly 11, 2008

Gaffes Drove the Campaign Narrative Last Week

Two men who are non-candidates for president drove the media story lines in the campaign last week. Jesse Jackson’s brutal remarks about Barack Obama may have helped the Democrats. Phil Gramm’s about the recession being largely mental did not help his friend John McCain.

PublicationsJuly 10, 2008

Two campaign speeches, one JFK moment?

Through the 2008 primary election season, two candidates—Democratic Senator Barack Obama and Republican former governor Mitt Romney—received more media attention about their faith than any of the other candidates combined.

For both, the attention raised concerns about their relig …

PublicationsJuly 10, 2008

Running on Faith

In the 2008 election season, religion has been a significant factor for candidates in both parties. But even with the Jeremiah Wright controversy, evangelical voter angst, and a Mormon candidate, the media largely avoided dealing directly with the explosive issue of faith.