PublicationsMay 11, 2007

The Military’s Iraq Channel on You Tube

Looking for a way to get out its message in Iraq, the U.S. Multi-National Force Iraq has turned to You Tube and has found some success with users who have made the site one of this month’s most popular. The site aims to use footage shot by military personnel to give a fuller picture of Iraq, a spokesman says. PEJ examines the effort.

PublicationsMay 10, 2007

How J-School Students See the Future

With the news business in transition, fragmentation, and turmoil, many veteran journalists wonder about their careers. What about those preparing to first enter the field? The PEJ asked a group of journalism students about their hopes and fears—and their answers may surprise you.

PublicationsMay 10, 2007

GOP Debate has Talk Shows Buzzing

The talk shows were not shy about picking winners and (especially) losers at last week’s Republican face-off in California. And while the sex scandal involving a D.C. escort service managed to divide the talk hosts along ideological lines, a former CIA director’s book tour actually achieved the rare feat of bringing them together.

PublicationsMay 7, 2007

Iraq War, with Subplots, Dominates the News

A GOP debate, a Royal visit, Murdoch’s media move, and a Washington sex scandal all generated their fair share of news coverage last week. But it’s still the battle over Baghdad—with a cast of players that last week included George Tenet and Condoleezza Rice—that captured most of the media’s attention and energy.

PublicationsMay 3, 2007

Iraq and the 2008 Campaign Lead the Talk Parade

The biggest news stories were also the most discussed topics on America’s cable and radio talk shows last week. But the talk hosts often bring their own angles to the main story lines—and that can often involve finding a scapegoat or villain. Plus Imus, Rosie and Alec Baldwin all get play, mostly on the cable airwaves.

PublicationsApril 30, 2007

Iraq Policy and Presidential Politics Top the News

With the Virginia Tech shootings and Don Imus controversy beginning to fade into the news background, a couple of very familiar subjects commanded the most media attention last week. And Arizona Senator John McCain managed to find himself in the middle of both stories.

PublicationsApril 26, 2007

Talk Shows Consumed by Virginia Tech Tragedy

It’s probably no surprise that the college campus massacre proved to be the biggest talk show topic of the year. But while there were plenty of subplots to talk about, radio and cable hosts managed to seize on some of “hot button” issues to emerge from the worst shooting spree in the nation’s history.

PublicationsApril 24, 2007

David Halberstam (1934-2007)

He was a newspaperman and a war correspondent, a prolific author and an insatiably curious sports fan. But above all, David Halberstam—who died at age 73 in a car accident on Monday—was a reporter committed to helping his readers understand the complex world around them. PEJ senior counselor Bill Kovach offers his tribute to his friend, one of the nation’s most distinguished journalists.

PublicationsApril 23, 2007

Campus Rampage is 2007’s Biggest Story By Far

The Attorney General faced a grilling from Congress, the Supreme Court weighed in on abortion rights, hundreds were slaughtered in a single day in Iraq, and a vicious storm wreaked havoc on the East Coast. But each of those events last week was completely overshadowed by the media’s non-stop coverage of the horrific events that unfolded on the campus of Virginia Tech.

PublicationsApril 19, 2007

Imus Becomes a Proxy Issue for Talk Shows

To say Don Imus’s controversial words were a big topic on the talk shows last week is an understatement. The Imus story ruled the talk airwaves like no other since the Index began, taking up 61% of the talk time. But often Imus was less the subject of the talk than a way to take on other people and issues.