PublicationsMay 31, 2007

Media Monitors Murdoch’s Move

It’s been a month since Rupert Murdoch made headlines with his bold bid to buy the Wall Street Journal. A computer search of the coverage reveals one thing for sure: the Australian media mogul’s U.S. holdings—such as the New York Post and Fox News Channel—are a big part of the story.

PublicationsMay 31, 2007

Talk Hosts Score the Big Fights

The debates over immigration policy and Iraq war strategy were the most popular topics on cable and radio talk shows last week. The 2008 presidential race also attracted lots of attention, again. But two nasty political tiffs got on the talkers’ radar screen as well.

PublicationsMay 29, 2007

Media Give President A Win in War Funding Debate

From Capitol Hill to a refugee camp in Lebanon to ABC’s investigative team, the Mideast and the war on terror thoroughly dominated the media last week. Meanwhile, a controversy of sorts erupted over how news outlets treated the results of a new survey of Muslim-American attitudes.

PublicationsMay 25, 2007

Iraq Dominates PEJ’s First Quarterly NCI Report

The war in Iraq eclipsed all other news in the first three months of 2007. The 2008 presidential race was the next biggest story, and most of that was about Democrats. These are among the findings in PEJ’s first quarterly report of its News Coverage Index, which allows us to probe the data more deeply than we can on a weekly basis.

PublicationsMay 25, 2007

Talk Hosts Blast Immigration Deal

If Capitol Hill was divided over the compromise agreement on a new immigration bill, the talk show world seemed to answer with one unified voice. And that answer was “Boo!” Meanwhile, there’s continued unease about the makeup of the Republican presidential field, and Jerry Falwell’s death wasn’t that big a story.

PublicationsMay 23, 2007

Online Ad Revenue, 1997-2006

In 2006, online ad revenue grew by 35% compared to the year before. In all but 2 of the last 10 years, the year-to-year increases have exceeded 20%.

PublicationsMay 21, 2007

Turmoil Inside Iraq Leads the Week’s News

It’s a rare week when the situation in Iraq attracts more coverage than the political debate over the war. But that’s what happened last week thanks to one dramatic story line. And when it comes to the 2008 Presidential race, the media are busy wondering whether 19 (the number of current candidates) are enough.

PublicationsMay 20, 2007

"Who Creates Reality?"–PEJ Senior Counselor Bill Kovach Speaks at Boston University

In a speech to graduating seniors at Boston University, PEJ Senior Counselor Bill Kovach discussed the need for citizens to carefully sort through disinformation and news to define a “reality” that offers the best understanding of our increasingly complicated democracy.

PublicationsMay 17, 2007

Is There a Litmus Test for Talk Topics?

The Fort Dix terror plot, the Attorney General’s Congressional appearance, French presidential elections, and the Iraq debate all seized top space in the universe of talk media last week. But what you heard, or whether you heard anything at all, depended on who was doing the talking.

PublicationsMay 14, 2007

GOP Worries About Iraq Fuel War Policy Coverage

It was a week of fires, storms and floods in the U.S. and a changing of the guard in some of this nation’s closest European allies. But even so, the news was dominated by a new twist on an old story. This time, part of the raging debate over what to do in Iraq was an intramural affair between Republicans.