PublicationsDecember 12, 2005

Story Length According to Newspaper Format

In their war against new youth and tabloid competitors, old fashioned broadsheets have the advantage, or is a disadvantage, of running longer stories.

PublicationsDecember 12, 2005

Story Topic According to Newspaper Format

The biggest difference in the topics among different kinds of newspapers is that the youth oriented tabloids carried more entertainment and celebrity news.

PublicationsDecember 12, 2005

Geographic Focus According to Newspaper Format

A new spate of tabloids aimed at younger readers in the U.S. are far less local than the old fashioned broadsheets. One reason may be they lack their own reporters and rely mostly on wire copy.

PublicationsDecember 12, 2005

Number of Sources According to Newspaper Format

Old fashioned broadsheet newspapers tend to have deeper sourcing than their new tabloid rivals, in part because they have longer stories. This, however, is something the new challengers may think is discouraging readers.

PublicationsDecember 12, 2005

Range of Viewpoints in Stories with Conflict

In their war against new youth and tabloid competitors, old fashioned broadsheets still tend to give more sides in stories about controversy.

PublicationsDecember 12, 2005

Age of Principal Newsmaker

A new spate of tabloid newspapers in the U.S. designed to attract younger readers are not dramatically more likely to cover stories about youthful newsmakers than the old fashioned broadsheets.

PublicationsDecember 12, 2005

Youth Impact According to Newspaper Format

Youth oriented tabloids were no more likely than old fashioned broadsheets to carry stories that specifically impacted the young.

PublicationsDecember 12, 2005


A new PEJ study takes an in-depth look at tabloids and compares them to traditional broadsheet newspapers.

PublicationsOctober 2, 2005

Media Anger Management

Much has been made of the surge of emotion among journalists who covered the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and to a lesser degree Hurricane Rita.

PublicationsSeptember 11, 2005

Reporting Katrina

A comprehensive look at how the news media are covering the hurricane and its aftermath.