PublicationsOctober 27, 2004

How the Media Framed the Campaign

The dominant frame in the press coverage of the presidential debates of 2004 was on the impact of the debates on the horse race. , followed by a straight forward account of what the candidates said.

PublicationsOctober 27, 2004

Sourcing of Campaign Stories on Online News Sites

Different online news sites approached covering the debates of 2004 differently, but of the major ones, only MSNBC had a significant number of original bylined stories.

PublicationsOctober 27, 2004

How Newspapers Framed the Race

In print, the impact of the debates on the horse race was still a dominant theme, but regional papers were more likely to simply report what the candidates said than national papers were, and other themes got more attention than they did on television.

PublicationsOctober 27, 2004

Who Newspaper Stories Impacted

The insider horse race focus of the debate coverage in 2004 is evident in who the stories talked about being impacted. Only about a quarter of newspaper stories focused on things that would directly affect citizens in the debates, such as policy positions.

PublicationsOctober 27, 2004

Who Was Covered in Newspapers

Most of the newspaper stories of the presidential debates focused on both candidates. 

PublicationsSeptember 12, 2004

The End of “Network News”

What happened this summer, and particularly last week, is likely to be recalled as the end of the era of network news. At the very least, mark this as the moment when the networks abdicated their authority with the American public.

PublicationsJuly 12, 2004

Positive and Negative Themes by Candidate

The press coverage leading up to the conventions in 2004 tended to focus on Bush, both positive and negative character themes. There was little about comparatively little about John Kerry and most of it tended to be negative.

PublicationsJuly 12, 2004

Character and the Campaign

If presidential campaigns are about character and control of message, neither candidate has had much success so far, a new PEJ study finds.

PublicationsJuly 12, 2004

Character Themes and Associations with the Candidates

The character themes embedded in the coverage of the candidates in the spring leading up to the conventions tended to emphasize negative attributes of George Bush and John Kerry.

PublicationsJuly 12, 2004

Appearance of Character Themes and Rebuttals

For both Sen. Kerry and President Bush, rebuttals of the dominant themes of the campaign were not frequent. The charge of Kerry being liberal received the most rebuttals.