Pew Research CenterMay 26, 2020

American Trends Panel Wave 51

Field dates: July 8 – July 21, 2019

Pew Research CenterMay 7, 2020

COVID-19 Late April 2020

Survey fielded April 20-26, 2020

Pew Research CenterApril 29, 2020

About Seven-in-Ten U.S. Adults Say They Need to Take Breaks From COVID-19 News

61% give equal attention to national and local coronavirus news.

Pew Research CenterApril 15, 2020

Early in outbreak, Americans cited claims about risk level and details of coronavirus as made-up news

A new analysis of open-ended responses to a survey of U.S. adults looks at the specific storylines or claims about COVID-19 that Americans said they were exposed to.

Pew Research CenterMarch 4, 2020

American Trends Panel Wave 45

Survey dates: Feb. 19 – March 4, 2020

Pew Research CenterSeptember 12, 2019

American Trends Panel Wave 37

PublicationsMay 23, 2019

Men Appear Twice as Often as Women in News Photos on Facebook

Photos that exclusively show men make up the majority of photos that show people; representational differences persist across topics