PublicationsFebruary 27, 2003

New Federal Rules for Media Ownership

How aware is the American public of the debate currently taking place about changing the rules over media ownership in the United States?

PublicationsJanuary 7, 2003

All News Media Inc.

Without much notice, the federal government is moving toward the most sweeping change ever in the rules that govern ownership of the American news media.

This shift could reduce the independence of the news media and the ability of Americans to take part in public debate. Yet because of mea …

PublicationsJanuary 29, 2002

In Wartime, the People Want the Facts

Four months into the war, a review of news coverage reveals that over time Americans are getting fewer facts and more opinion — a narrow range of opinion, at that — from newspapers, magazines and television. At the same time, polls show the press losing a measure of the respect it had gained in …

PublicationsDecember 27, 2000

A Lesson in Humility for Journalism

Coming from press critics, the following may strike some as out of character: We believe journalism should be praised for its work in the wild epilogue of election 2000. One reason the American people seemed calm but fascinated during the spectacle–even as they witnessed sometimes disgraceful ta …

PublicationsNovember 17, 2000

Hearing Too Much and Learning Too Little

As we watch the Overtime Campaign of the 2000 election, the headache of reporting it continues. Election night, when the networks made erroneous projections about who had won, was probably the worst moment in the 50-year history of television coverage of politics. Newspapers that prematurely misc …

PublicationsMarch 30, 1999

National Survey of Journalists

The Committee of Concerned Journalists and the Pew Research Center For The People & The Press jointly …

PublicationsJuly 13, 1998

Framing the News

The narrative techniques and underlying messages in newspaper coverage.