Pew Research CenterJune 28, 2017

Facebook’s secret censorship rules protect white men from hate speech but not black children


Pew Research CenterJune 27, 2017

The Washington Post’s new social media policy forbids disparaging advertisers


Pew Research CenterJune 26, 2017

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and Youtube launch anti-terrorism partnership

The Verge

Pew Research CenterJune 23, 2017

Macedonian publishers are panicking after Facebook killed their US political pages


Pew Research CenterJune 22, 2017

News Corp. in advanced talks with Facebook on subscriptions

Bloomberg News

Pew Research CenterJune 8, 2017

Now Facebook can tell lawmakers what voters are reading


Pew Research CenterJune 7, 2017

The Washington Post has a Facebook group where readers can ask reporters how and why they cover stories

Pew Research CenterJune 7, 2017

Facebook’s role in European elections under scrutiny

The New York Times

Pew Research CenterMay 30, 2017

Fake antifa Twitter accounts are trolling people and spreading misinformation


Pew Research CenterMay 17, 2017

Instagram tests location stories

Tech Crunch