PublicationsSeptember 15, 2010

Newsmakers Who Come from Nowhere

The recent furor over plans to burn the Koran on the anniversary of September 11 generated a large amount of media coverage, attention that was widely criticized, for a previously unknown Florida pastor. Which other people have gained their fifteen minutes of fame by leaping from obscurity to the media spotlight this year?

PublicationsSeptember 10, 2010

Beck Rally, Draws Crowds, Media Attention

Glenn Beck’s recent rally in Washington D.C. drew not only rally participants, but significant media attention as well. How does coverage of this event compare with that of other rallies in the United States over the last three years?

PublicationsSeptember 1, 2010

Modest Coverage for Pakistan Flooding

The recent flooding in Pakistan, while a tragedy of massive proportions, has generated less than robust coverage in the U.S. mainstream press. The deadly earthquake in Haiti easily generated the most attention of any overseas disaster in 2010, but which other events have generated significant coverage this year?

PublicationsAugust 18, 2010

First Lady in the Headlines

Michelle Obama’s recent vacation in Spain—and a mini-controversy over whether she should have embarked on such an expensive trip during tough economic times—generated some news last week and raised an interesting question. When do the news media devote coverage to the First Lady? And why?

PublicationsAugust 11, 2010

A Tale of Two Justices

Last week, the U.S. Senate confirmed Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan by a vote of 63-37. Though she got fewer votes, Kagan’s nomination to the High Court generated far less media attention than Sonia Sotomayor’s one year earlier. PEJ examines the wide disparity in coverage of the president’s first two appointments to the Court.

PublicationsJuly 28, 2010

When Race Makes News

The forced resignation of USDA staffer Shirley Sherrod, which occurred after a misleading video portrayed her remarks at an NAACP gathering as racist, generated significant attention last week. Indeed, it was the fourth-biggest story involving race since PEJ began tracking media coverage in 2007. Which other stories in that time frame top the list?

PublicationsJuly 21, 2010

Midterms in the Media Spotlight

The 2010 election cycle has been steadily gaining media attention as the elections draw closer. Races involving Washington insiders, tea party loyalists and surprise nominees—as well as speculation about a possible GOP takeover of the House of Representatives—have been among the key storylines. How has 2010 campaign coverage evolved this year and exactly who and what are making news?

PublicationsJuly 14, 2010

Overseas Officials in the U.S. Media

The highly anticipated Washington meeting last week between President Barack Obama and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu generated plenty of attention in the American press. The Israeli leader has often been in the news this year. But which other international leaders have attracted significant attention from the U.S. media so far in 2010?

PublicationsJuly 8, 2010

Shrinking World Cup Story

The international soccer competition in South Africa has certainly generated attention from the mainstream U.S. news media. But in the past week, that coverage has been on a sharp downward trajectory. How has the U.S. press covered the global games and what accounts for the drop-off?

PublicationsJune 30, 2010

McChrystal Tops List of Military Newsmakers

General Stanley McChrystal’s firing and surge in media attention last week made him the top figure among military newsmakers since January 2009. Where on the list does his former boss and replacement, General David Petraeus, rank?