PublicationsJune 29, 2011

Bachmann v. Palin—Race for Coverage

Michele Bachmann just announced her formal bid for the White House. This is following strong showings in Iowa polls and debate appearances. But how does coverage of the congresswoman compare to her running mates and to perhaps her biggest rival Sarah Palin? Is momentum beginning to shift?

PublicationsJune 16, 2011

Scandal Sets Pelley Apart

Scott Pelley made his debut as anchor of the CBS Evening News June 6—the same day Anthony Weiner admitted to sending lewd photographs using Twitter. How did Pelley cover the scandal compared with rival networks?

PublicationsJune 15, 2011

Current's New Direction

In a move that has generated plenty of media interest, former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann will debut his “Countdown” show on the Current TV cable network on June 20. That could represent something of a new start for a young cable operation that is searching for eyeballs and attention.

PublicationsJune 8, 2011

The Campaign Retakes its Place in the Spotlight

The 2012 presidential election may have started off more slowly than four years ago, with candidates only recently beginning their formal campaigns. But the race has picked up recently, and so has the media’s attention. How has coverage changed this year and how does it compare to that of 2008 Presidential Race?

PublicationsJune 2, 2011

The Arab Spring Wilts in the Media

It wasn’t long ago that protests in Egypt and fighting in Libya were driving the mainstream news agenda. Today, significant violence and unrest continue to roil the region, but the story unfolds largely out of the glare of the media spotlight. PEJ looks at how coverage of the Middle East turmoil has plunged in recent weeks.

PublicationsMay 25, 2011

Israel in the U.S. Spotlight

President Obama’s May 19 Mideast speech and his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu generated major media attention last week. But how does this attention compare to other Israeli-related events? The Project for Excellence in Journalism examines which events put the country in the spotlight over the last four years.

PublicationsMay 18, 2011

When (and Why) bin Laden Made News

Prior to his death on May 1, Osama bin Laden had become something of a forgotten figure in the U.S. media. Indeed, a PEJ examination of four years of coverage of the al Qaeda leader finds that over that period of time, he basically generated coverage for only one thing—the release of threatening tapes.

PublicationsApril 20, 2011

For Japan Coverage, It’s All Nuclear

The earthquake, tsunami and continued radiation threat in Japan have become a major media story over the past five weeks. PEJ examines how the media have handled this ongoing and complicated story and looks at how coverage of this disaster compares with another recent earthquake.

PublicationsApril 13, 2011

When Congressional Fights Make Major News

The media paid a great deal of attention to last week’s budget crisis, which threatened to shutter the federal government before it was resolved with an eleventh-hour deal. But those dramatics proved to be only the fourth-biggest story about Capitol Hill showdowns in the past four years. What other legislative battles made even more news?

PublicationsApril 6, 2011

The Year of the Mega Story

In the past four years, it has been the rare story that has commanded at least half the media coverage in a given week. But in 2011, a series of dramatic events—including a natural disaster, protests and revolution and a shooting rampage—have all crossed that threshold in the first three months.