PublicationsApril 7, 2008

Clinton Punches, Obama Bowls, and McCain Reminisces

The key media narrative last week involved growing pressure on Hillary Clinton to withdraw from the primary fight. Meanwhile, Barack Obama tried his hand at hands-on campaigning while John McCain hoped to grab the media’s attention with a tour of some old stomping grounds.

PublicationsMarch 31, 2008

Clinton’s Bosnia Gaffe Makes Her Top Newsmaker

Democrats are finding out that being in the news isn’t necessarily good news. A week after Barack Obama was besieged by the Rev. Wright furor, Hillary Clinton’s memory and veracity came under fire. Does all this make John McCain the big winner?

PublicationsMarch 24, 2008

The Pastor, The Candidate, And The Speech Lead The News

John McCain and Hillary Clinton were reduced to relative obscurity last week. The media’s presidential campaign narrative instead focused on one overarching issue: could Barack Obama handle the controversy over his pastor’s racially inflammatory remarks?

PublicationsMarch 17, 2008

Democrats’ Media Narrative Roiled By Racial Tensions

When it came to coverage, John McCain was a forgotten man compared with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. But perhaps no news was good news for the GOP in a week during which the press highlighted some of the uglier divisions among Democrats.

PublicationsMarch 10, 2008

Media Admire Clinton’s Resilience, Question Obama’s Toughness

With wins in Ohio and Texas, Hillary Clinton was the top campaign newsmaker last week. The media’s first verdict was that her aggressive attacks succeeded in stopping Barack Obama’s momentum. Their next question was whether Obama was capable of responding in kind.

PublicationsMarch 3, 2008

Press Takes a Harder Look at Obama—and Itself

Barack Obama generated more campaign coverage than Hillary Clinton in a week in which Democrats completely dominated the media narrative. But Clinton’s complaints about a journalistic tilt toward her opponent seemed to strike a responsive chord.

PublicationsFebruary 25, 2008

Clinton Battles the Obama Boom, McCain Battles the Times

Obama’s big win in Wisconsin shaped the Democrats’ media narrative last week and had some pundits wondering whether Clinton was contemplating her own defeat. And why a New York Times expose about the presumptive GOP nominee may prove to be manna for McCain.

PublicationsFebruary 19, 2008

Media Narrative Vaults Obama into Frontrunner Slot

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton dominated coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign last week, but in very different ways. While Obama got a big bounce from primary wins, the Clinton campaign was besieged by bad news. Meanwhile, John McCain inched closer to inevitability.

PublicationsFebruary 11, 2008

McCain, Clinton, and Obama in Coverage Derby Photo Finish

The three candidates with the best shot at next occupying the White House all got extensive coverage in the biggest week yet for campaign news. But none of them generated the headlines he or she really wanted. And, once again, Huckabee proved that the reports of his political demise were premature.

PublicationsFebruary 4, 2008

McCain Wins the Coverage Battle as Media Move to Anoint Him

By generating more coverage than any other candidate last week, and easily outdistancing his GOP rivals, Senator John McCain rode a media narrative of near inevitability last week. Plus, Senator Ted Kennedy becomes a major newsmaker.