PublicationsApril 29, 2003

Local Ownership and Local Coverage

The study found no pattern correlating the level of local topics in local TV news stories and local ownership.

PublicationsApril 29, 2003

Does Ownership Matter in Local Television News?

The study examines the tendencies of different local television news ownership structures.

PublicationsApril 29, 2003

Public vs. Private Ownership by Quality Grade

Local TV stations owned by publicly traded companies were somewhat less likely than privately owned stations to earn “A” and “B” grades in PEJ’s five year study of  local TV news. 

PublicationsApril 29, 2003

Size of Corporate Owner and Late-Night Local News Quality

Unlike in early evening news, stations owned by larger ownership groups were less likely to earn “A” and “B” grades in late newscasts in PEJ’s five year study of local TV news.

PublicationsApril 9, 2003

Quality and the Bottom Line

Initial PEJ research into the relationship between quality and profits indicates that good journalism is good business.

PublicationsApril 3, 2003

Live vs. Taped Reports

The reporting of embedded reporters during the first week of the Iraq war tended to be live rather than taped and edited.

PublicationsApril 3, 2003

Topics Covered in Embed Stories

Stories from embedded reporters in the early days of the Iraq war were about a range of topics, but preparation and military action stood out. The results and aftermath of engagement were less common.

PublicationsApril 3, 2003

Military Action on Camera

The video reports from embedded TV correspondents during the Iraq war tended to focus on troops moving and weapons being fired in engagements.

PublicationsApril 3, 2003

Level of Reporting

The accounts of embedded reporters during the first week of the Iraq war tended to be highly factual.

PublicationsApril 3, 2003

Embedded Reporters

A PEJ analysis of embedded coverage found it was largely anecdotal, combat-focused and live and unedited.