PublicationsJune 7, 2012

Smartphone Speculation Soars on Social Media

Bloggers and Twitter users love guessing about new high-tech devices and last week, they were busy discussing what the new iPhone would look like and whether Facebook would jump into the smartphone business. On YouTube, many users saw video of a gruesome crime.

PublicationsMay 24, 2012

Pop Culture is King in Social Media

The naming of new celebrity judges for a popular reality show generated major attention in both the blogosphere and Twitterverse last week. And for the second week in a row, events related to the 2012 Mexican presidential election registered as the top news video on YouTube. 

PublicationsMay 10, 2012

Bloggers Discuss Barack Obama’s Dating Life

An article that focused largely on the president’s relationships with some old girlfriends inspired bloggers to weigh in on both Obama and the article last week. On YouTube, protests in Malaysia calling for fair elections dominated the week’s most popular news videos.

PublicationsApril 26, 2012

Bloggers Speculate on Google Innovations

The impending release of Google Drive and looming changes at Google+ triggered a lively online discussion last week as bloggers generally seemed to welcome these new developments. On Twitter, it was another big week for pop stars while a tragic car accident in Japan registered as the most viewed news video.

PublicationsApril 11, 2012

Project Glass Takes Social Media by Storm

Social media users are often fascinated by high-tech advances and a preview of Google’s augmented-reality glasses last week generated a major reaction on blogs and Twitter. Meanwhile, an April Fools’ joke at the expense of a presidential candidate was the most popular news-related YouTube video.

PublicationsMarch 19, 2012

Newspapers: Building Digital Revenues Proves Painfully Slow

The newspaper industry enters 2012 neither dying nor assured of a stable future. The industry has rallied around a story about itself – that year-by year it is developing new digital products and new revenue streams to transition from dependence on print advertising. In 2011, that traditional advertising pool declined for a sixth consecutive year. The website of the Gannett Company, emphasizing those digital initiatives, now intentionally has no mention of newspapers on its home page.

PublicationsMarch 19, 2012

Network News: The Pace of Change Accelerates

The year 2011 was one of marked transition and even some positive numbers for network news.

PublicationsMarch 19, 2012

Innovating News in Native Communities

The ethnic media play an important role by providing news in both foreign languages and in English about places and issues that are often absent from the mainstream media. To provide greater depth, we issue reports on different groups at different times. This report focuses on Native American media.

PublicationsJanuary 20, 2012

A Google Move Ignites an Online Battle

Major changes came to Google’s Search last week and bloggers rallied largely to voice displeasure and concern. And Super Junior, the Korean pop group that has rabid fans across the world, continues to be a draw on Twitter.

PublicationsJanuary 5, 2012

Bloggers Close out 2011 with iPhone News

News of Apple’s dominance in mobile shopping and the possible waning of price comparison websites struck bloggers interest last week.